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Indian Farmers Blame an Employee of the Signagi District Administration in Swindle

Information Center of Kakheti

The Indian farmers living in the Sakobo village, Signagi municipality, blame the employee of the municipal administration Avtandil Vashakidze in swindle. As they told the ICK, they trusted the representative of the administration and sold 200 tons of wheat to him for debt two years ago. The farmers still have not received 40 000 GEL of the wheat price.

“Two years ago, we signed an agreement and they took the wheat. Avtandil Vashakidze promised me to pay the money in eight days. He paid half of it but the rest debt remained. They took second truck of wheat too and paid only half of the price. Now, he owes me 40 000 GEL. He said he had sold the wheat to other person, who did not pay him the money and could not pay my debt,” the Indian farmer Gulprit Singh Gachli said.

He arrived in Georgia from India in 2010. In 2012, he purchased land in Sakobo village and now grows wheat on 110 hectares of land. He sells 1 ton of wheat for 500 GEL.

After the Indian farmers contacted the ICK, Vashakidze met the farmers and said he did not owe anything to them.

“Avto Vashakidze today came and asked where I had complained about the debt. He claims he does not have any debt. But it is not true,” Gulprit Singhi said and added Vashakidze had purchased wheat from other Indian farmers too but did not pay money.

“Avto Vashakidze cheated other Indians too. He owes 8 000 GEL to Heppi; we trusted him as he was representative of the municipal administration but deceived us. I applied to police for help but they said it was not their business. I have not appealed the court because the lawyer needs 500-600 GEL honorarium; I cannot afford it,” the Indian farmer said.

Avtandil Vashakidze denies the accusations and states in his conversation with the ICK that he has paid the price for the wheat. He said Gulprit Singh has illegally registered his 10 hectares of land.
“I do not owe anything to that person. Let him appeal respective bodies. He got hold of my land. I have already appealed the prosecutor’s office against him to estimate how he registered my land. Let him stop fake accusations. I have appealed against him. I have created problems for him and now he tries provocations,” Avtandil Vashakidze said.

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