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Tbilisi Appeal Court to Re-Consider the Case of the Political Prisoner Bakur Kiguradze

Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia requests the Tbilisi Appeal Court to acquit Bakur Kiguradze in the criminal charge. Human Rights Center defends interests of Kiguradze in front of the Court.

Department to Investigate Offenses Committed in the Course of Legal Proceedings at the Chief Prosecutor’s Office re-investigated the criminal case against the political prisoner Bakur Kiguradze. After the re-investigation, the prosecutor’s office estimated that Bakur Kiguradze was innocent and decided to reconsider the court judgment. 

The resolution, which confirms innocence of Kiguradze, due to recently discovered circumstances, was forwarded to the Tbilisi Appeal Court. The prosecutor’s office requests the Court to acquit Bakur Kiguradze in the imposed charge. 

Human Rights Center welcomes the decision of the prosecutor’s office to reconsider the charge against the political prisoner and hopes the Appeal Court will also share the position of the prosecutor’s office and re-consider the judgment against Kiguradze.

After the Tbilisi Appeal Court reconsiders the case, Bakur Kiguradze will be discharged from the arbitrary sentence and will be legally rehabilitated.

Businessman Bakur Kiguradze was arrested for alleged espionage on July 13, 2010 and the Court sentenced him to 9-years prison term. On January 13, 2013, Kiguradze was freed from prison with the status of political prisoner. The criminal case against him still has top secret status.

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