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Population of Koshka Village Request Repair of the Roads

Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

On April 25, residents of Koshka village, which is situated adjacent to the occupation line in Shida Kartli, held a demonstration in front of the Gori municipality administration to request rehabilitation of the village roads. They said because of damaged roads drivers of rout mini-buses went on strike and the villagers also joined them.

“The village population declares solidarity with the drivers on strike because their vehicles go wrong because of damaged roads in the village. We request repair of the roads,” Maya Tukhareli said. 

“It is impossible to arrive in Koshka village by car. We request to gravel the roads until it is covered by asphalt so that we could drive there,” the rout mini-bus driver Koba Kebadze said.

Head of the economic development service at the Gori municipal administration Tariel Maisuradze met the demonstrators and promised to resolve their problems.

“The population complains about the damaged road. We have sent these projects to the Ministry of Infrastructure and are waiting for their funding to repair the damaged road. The roads have not been repaired for years. Our service will evaluate the situation immediately and if we get funding, we will repair the entire road in the village. Otherwise, we can repair only one kilometer road which is the most damaged,” Maisuradze said.

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