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Local Councils Early Released the Convicted Citizen of Turkey

As a result of legal advocacy of Human Rights Center, female convicted person, citizen of Turkey, G. Ch was early released from prison. 

Two years were left before the expiration of her imprisonment term. She was placed in the semi-closed prison facility # 5.

On October 27, 2016, the local council of the Ministry of Corrections gathered to review the cases of the female prisoners but did not satisfy the petition of G.Ch on early conditional release. 

Human Rights Center studied the decision of the council and concluded that one of the arguments in the case materials, which became basis for the decision of the Commission, was not correct. Considering that, Human Rights Center petitioned the Local Council on the Cases of Female Convicts and requested to take the abovementioned circumstance into account and pass positive decision about the early release of the convicted G.Ch.

The Local Council took the solicitation of Human Rights Center into account and passed positive decision into G.Ch’s case. On May 1, 2017, she was early released from imprisonment 

Human Rights Center welcomes the positive decision of the Local Council on Female Convicts and hopes the future activities of the Council will be more effective. 

Human Rights Center 

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