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Female Prisoner on Hunger Strike in Prison # 5

From July 25, inmate of the Prison # 5 Tamar Talikadze has been on hunger strike. The prisoner sent a letter to Human Rights Center with the request to publish it.

Beneficiary of Human Rights Center Tamar Talikadze has been in prison since 2007. She was sentenced to 30-years imprisonment term under the Article 260 Part 3 – “a” and Article 262 Part 4 – “a” of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

Based on the December 28, 2012 Law on Amnesty of Georgia, Tamar Talikadze was amnestied by 17 years for the charge under the Article 260 and the imprisonment term under the Article 262 was reduced at 1/3. In the end, Tamar Talikadze has to serve 13 years and 4 months in prison. 

Human Rights Center, having studied the criminal case documents provided by Tamar Talikadze, concluded that the investigation into her case was carried out through violation of procedures; the evidences were not comprehensively, impartially and thoroughly studied.

The Center petitioned the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia to re-consider the criminal charge of Tamar Talikadze in the frame of the Department to Investigate Offenses Committed in the Course of Legal Proceedings. 

Human Rights Center is publishing the full text of Tamar Talikadze’s letter: “It is to notify that from July 25 this year I am starting hunger strike. I am asking meeting with the Public Defender of Georgia, with Mr. Irakli Nadareishvili from the prosecutor’s office, Ms. Eka Beselia from the Legal Committee of the Parliament, with Mr. Mamuka Mdinaradze, with Mr Irakli Kobakhidze, also with the parliamentary secretary of the Prime Minister of Georgia and Minister of Corrections Mr. Kakhi Kakhishvili. I kindly request you to inform the journalists of printed media and television about my hunger-strike.”

Human Rights Center 

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