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Georgian Public Broadcaster Is Ordered to Air Social Roll of Human Rights Center

On July 27, the Georgian National Communications Commission satisfied the claim of Human Rights Center against GPB to air the social video-roll. 

On May 30, 2017 Human Rights Center sent letter to the GPB and requested to grant the status of social advertisement to the provided video-roll and air it. 

The audio-visual material of Human Rights Center aimed to inform the women, victims of domestic violence, about the opportunity to get free legal aid. The roll belonged to the category of the social ad which aims to promote public welfare, meets charity purposes, raises public awareness about significant social issues and/or aims to positively change the public behavior. 

Regardless that, on June 12, 2017 Human Rights Center received negative answer from the GPB, stating that they refused to grant social status to the video-roll and to air it. They stated the video-roll was not social advertisement. Consequently, Human Rights Center applied to the GNCC to study the case.

It is noteworthy that the video-roll, which was not perceived as social ad by the GPB, were aired by other (10) TV-Channels without any obstacles. 

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