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Care Taker of the Street Dogs in Signagi Was Beaten


42-years-old Matilda Mirzoeva was beaten in front of the municipal administration building in Signagi. She has multiple injuries on the body. As Mirzoeva told Reginfo, at about 8 pm on August 28, she was trying to take street dog from the town center to the dog shelter, when 22-years-old man attacked her and physically assaulted. 

“I have been taking care of street dogs for 7 years. We had an old dog in the shelter. In the evening I inquired about the dog and mother said the dog had gone and she was afraid somebody could crash the dog by quadricycle. I found her in the square and tried to take her home. The dog is 17 and hardly moves. A young man started scolding me in the street. I called on him to stop insulting me and continued my way. He got more irritated and continued scolding me loudly – “Why are you chasing the dogs, do not you have other business?” When I responded him, he attacked me and started beating in the head, face and hands. My nose started bleeding and he left me. My 11-year-old child was there too and tried to protect me,” Matilda Mirzoeva said.

Supposedly the young man was drunk; he is from Tbilisi and was visiting his relatives in Signagi. 

The police have already commenced investigation into the incident. 

“Today, representatives of the Signagi municipal administration visited me and suggested not to complicate the situation. How can I complicate it? They do not take care of the street dogs, I do their job for free, I saved a lot of dogs with my own resources and I was beaten for it and now they suggest me not to complain,” Matilda Mirzoeva said. 

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