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Human Rights Center to Observe 2017 Local Self-Government Elections

Human Rights Center commenced a new project – Monitoring of 2017 Local Self-Government Elections in Georgia, within framework of which the organization will observe the elections on October 21, 2017.

To meet the project goals, Human Rights Center, through the election monitoring, will evaluate the compliance of the election process in Georgia with the international and local standards, will promote increase of public awareness about the ongoing political processes in the regions and will ensure transparency of the polling process in the selected polling stations on the Election Day.

The observers of Human Rights Center will monitor the local elections in two regions of Georgia: 1. Kakheti region – villages of ethnic minorities in Sagarejo, Telavi and Akhmeta municipalities; 2. Shida Kartli region – conflict-affected villages in Gori municipality.

The monitors will observe the polling process from the opening the polling station till the counting of the votes and filling out final protocols. The complaints on observed violations will be submitted to the district election commissions and Central Election Commission, in case of necessity the violations will be sued at the courts. 

Throughout the Election Day, the information provided by the observers will be operatively published on the online newspaper of the organization www.humanrights.ge in Georgian and English languages; the information will be disseminated in media. 

After the elections, Human Rights Center will produce a bilingual report on the major findings and observed violations during the election process. The report will provide recommendations to CEC, the Parliament of Georgia and other respective state institutions.

Human Rights Center will monitor the 2017 Local Elections with the financial support of the Open Society Georgia Foundation.

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