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Human Rights Center Will Defend Rights of Irakli Butkhuzi

Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli 

Lawyer of the Human Rights Center’s Shida Kartli office Aleksi Merebashvili received information about the results of the investigation into the case of physical assault of Irakli Butkhuzi in the Kaspi police unit. The Kaspi district office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not adequately respond to the incident of August 25. Considering that, the nongovernmental organization got involved in the case.
As the victim told humanrights.ge, at night of August 25 he was ruthlessly beaten.
“Three men were beating me; one of them was Guram Naraidze; I do not know the other two. They put me on the railway road after beating; luckily the train did not pass in that moment,” Irakli Butkhuzi said.

The wife of the victimized person said initially the investigation was dragged out as well as the medical expertise of the beaten man.

“We found my husband all in blood on the railway road. Now we have only one claim – Guram Naraidze must be arrested, who has already admitted the crime. Naraidze is coming to our neighborhood and is threatening us. Initially he and my husband were friends; we even wanted him to baptize our child but then their relations got tense and he ruthlessly beat my husband,” Madona Bliadze said.

After the lawyer of Human Rights Center visited the Kaspi district police unit and requested information about the ongoing investigation, the police officer contacted Irakli Butkhuzi and took him to the expertise.

According to the press-center of the MIA, the investigation was launched under Article 136 of the Criminal Code of Georgia that refers to physical assault. HRC lawyer Aleksi Merebashvili states the classification of the case may be changed after he studies the case materials completely. He thinks the police is investigating the incident under wrong article.  
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