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Giorgi Margoshvili (Feizula Kushtanashvili) from Pankisi Gorge Was Killed in Syria


Citizen of Georgia and resident of the Pankisi Gorge Giorgi Margoshvili (Feizula Kushtanashvili), born on December 7, 1978, was killed in Syria. The family members confirmed his death and receive condolences in the village of Duisi. The parents, brother and three children of Giorgi Margoshvili live in Pankisi Gorge. His wife is in Syria too. 

Giorgi Margoshvili was participant of the Lapankuri special operation. According to the Information Center of Kakheti, he was one of those 17-member armed group, who arrived in the Lopota Gorge in August, 2012 and tried to travel to Dagestan. 

As a result of the special operation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, the seven members of the group were killed; 10 survived. One of the members of the group Mansur Shudinov said in his testimony, which was published in social network, that Peizula was in charge to lead the armed formation from the Lopota Gorge to the Georgia-Dagestan border. 

Several days after the special operation in the Gorge, the survived members of the formation left the territory of Georgia via Vale checkpoint with the support of the Government of Georgia and moved to Turkey. 

Several members of the group went to Syria in 2013 and joined the military operations against Bashar Al Asad, the President of Syria.

According to the Ministry of Interior of Chechnya, Giorgi Margoshvili (Salahudin Shishan) became leader of the unit Jeish-Al-Mukhajirin Val Ansar in Syria in the end of 2013 after his former commander Abu Umar Al-Shishan (Tarkhan Batirashvili) had joined the so-called Islam State together with the part of his warriors and became the commander of the Northern Front. In September 2015, in the video on YouTube, Salahudin Shishan made video-statement and called himself and his supporters Mojaheds of the Caucasian Emirate.

In October 2015, Salahudin Shishan and his supporters left Jeish-Al-Mukhajirin Val-Ansar. The members of his unit, most of whom were from the Northern Caucasus, joined Jebhat Al Nusra, who fought against both the Government of Syria and ISIS. 

Being in Syria, Giorgi Margoshvili took his wife with him. 

According to the Radio Wave, by now, 26 residents of Pankisi Gorge have been killed in Syria. 

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