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Teimuraz Arabuli appointed to the position of the head of the Pankisi Gorge Police Sub-Division


Teimuraz Arabuli was appointed to the position of the head of the Duisi sub-division of the Akhmeta municipality department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Teimuraz Arabuli was born on September 14, 1961. From 1996 to 2001, during the crisis in the Pankisi Gorge, he was head of the Akhmeta police. He is a close friend of the former head of the Kakheti regional police department Tamaz Tamazashvili.

From 2001 to 2017 Teimuraz Arabuli was inspector in the Akhmeta police. 

Kakheti regional department of the MIA did not clarify why Badri Pilashvili was dismissed from the position of the Duisi police subdivision. 

After Giorgi Gakharia became the Minister of Interior of Georgia, there was personnel changes in the Ministry. The deputy ministers and heads of several divisions were replaced including the director of the Kakheti region police department. Shota Tchanukvadze, representative of the State Security Service, replaced Giorgi Bubunauri in the regional police department. 

In 2012, Tchanukvadze was deputy director of the Counter-Terrorist Center. On June 13, 2012 Michael Kadiev and Rizvan Omarov from Dagestan were arrested in Tbilisi based on Tchanukvadze’s report. In his report Tchanukvadze wrote that according to the information he had received from his source of information, Michael Kadiev and Rizvan Omarov were living in a flat in Botchorma Street in Tbilisi, where they kept weapon and planned explosions. 

Michael Kadiev stated that Tchanukvadze and his officers planted weapon in their flat and then demanded them to admit that they had guns and offered some privileges. MIA blamed Kadiev and Omarov in plotting the terrorist crime. Finally, they were convicted for illegal purchase and possession of weapon.

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