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Labyrinths of Georgian Judiciary
On June 18 2009 the Tbilisi City Court imposed a 23-year prison sentence on Orest Bokhonko, a citizen of the Ukraine. Bokhonko was arrested at the Tbilisi International Airport on September 27, 2008. While he was detained the Georgian law enforcement officers blatantly violated his human rights guaranteed by the Law of Georgia and international conventions.

Land and Justice
A plot of land was seized from Goderdzi Goderziani.  He learned about it only when he received notification from the Public Registration Agency. Since then he has been trying to obtain the return of the seized property through the court. The seized plot was initially registered as a state property after it had been seized from Goderziani and then it was granted to the Bodbe Monastery. There are two truths about the plot: Gordezeiani thinks the plot was seized from him illegally and then illegally granted to the monastery which received the plot from the state.

The Case of Vakhtang Maisaia and the List of Spies [Video]
Vakhtang Maisaia, a military expert suspected of participating in the Mukhrovani mutiny, now is in Tbilisi Prison # 8 . He gave sensational information to human rights defenders and to his attorneys. Maisaia claims that law enforcers unsuccessfully tried to force him to testify against famous politicians and high ranking authorities during unwarranted interrogations. Vakhtang Maisaia sent a notebook to our investigating group in which are listed the names of the people whom the law enforcers demanded him to name. There are more than 20 names on the list. Many of them are  government officers and some are  famous experts on political and military issues. Law enforcers want Maisaia to say that these people have committed high treason.

Ghromi-Mejvriskhevi Relation Is Complicated by Police and Energo-Pro Georgia
Government Does Not Care about Problems of Ossetian People

Residents of Mejvriskhevi village in Gori district say the government of Georgia artificially complicates their relation with Ossetian village of Ghromi. Georgian policemen deployed between the two villages do not allow Ossetian people into Mejvriskhevi; they bring cheese and matsoni to the village to sell.
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There will be no apocalypses
Although our country has multi-century history of the statehood, now it is good time to establish the civil society, which will be full
Impact of the emergency situation on the upcoming parliamentary elections
Rights of prisoners with disabilities in penitentiary establishments


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?


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