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Judge Kochlamazashvili Obeys the Prosecutor’s Office
The court hearing on the “accused victims” finished at the Tbilisi City Court. On September 28, Judge Badri Kochlamaszashvili passed inadequately strict and inhuman judgment on the accused. He imposed imprisonment of 3 years and 6 months and fine of 3 000 GEL on the students who were wounded in front of the Technical University a year ago. Just to compare: for the murderer of Buta Robakidze the police officer was sentenced to 4-year-imprisonment and the murderers of Girgvliani did not even spend the 4 years in prison.
Special Appeal of Human Rights Center
The Students Wounded in front of the Technical University Got the Same Sentence as the Convicts for the Resounded Murders
On Monday, October 4th, at 2:00 pm, the special press conference will be held in the office of Human Rights Center regarding the verdict passed against the students wounded in front of the Technical University.
A Police officer Can “Stop and Superficially Examine” a Person
The parliament has introduced new amendments to the Law on Police of Georgia at the third hearing which allows a policeman “to stop and superficially examine” a person. According to the amended law, a police officer can stop a person based on the “reasonable doubt” on “possible crime” and “superficially examine the clothes of a person” within the “reasonable time necessary to exclude or confirm the doubt.” And if the search will originate the basis of the thorough search, “the authorized person will carry out the search.”
“Accused Victims” Waiting for Verdict
The court-hearing of the case on the wounded students of the Tbilisi Technical University Zaza Shavliashvili, Vasil Giguashvili, Nika Beruashvili, Roland Nikolozashvili and Saba Mghvdeladze is due to end at the Tbilisi City Court today. On September 27, the court heard the speeches of the attorneys. The judge will pass verdict today, on September 28. The attorneys stressed on the irrelevances, incorrect legal qualifications of the activities and groundless solicitation of the prosecutor in the case materials.
Office of Prosecutor Arrests the Chief Doctor of the Hospital
One year work at Kutaisi Regional Rehabilitation Center for Elderly and Invalid ended with the arrest of the chief doctor and accountant. Peculation of 400 thousand lari and violations in the medical histories of patients – this is the charge imposed on the arrested by the Prosecutor’s Office.
Some Lawyers Doubting the Institute of Jury
They will take a direct part in the trial. They will decide the question of culpability or innocence of the defendant, and ultimately bring in a verdict. Public becomes the jury – the jury well advocated by the judicial authority will start operating starting from October 1st.
Attorney Burdened Conditions of the Accused Victims
The students of the Technical University of Georgia, who were wounded in front of the university a year ago, might be sent to prison for 4 years. At the trial on September 23, the prosecutor Keti Chachava requested equal liability for four accused – 4 years imprisonment and fine of 3 500 GEL. As for the fifth accused Roland Nikolozashvili, who pleaded guilty on the previous trial, the prosecutor requested less grave liability for him – 3 year imprisonment and fine of 2 000 GEL.
Who Is Approaching CSD in Gori District Administration?
After the head of the architecture department of the Gori municipal board Temur Natriashvili died, sudden information was spread. Before death the law enforcement officers visited him at home. Soon after the Gori office of the Human Rights Center started working on the issue, the new information about the detention of Zviad Berianidze – governor of the Karaleti village and of Mariam Orjonikidze, head of the department for the land management within the municipal board was spread. Both of them are accused in bribery. The representative of the CSD Soso Topuirdze reported about it at the special briefing.
“The Volunteer Spy” – President Saakashvili Should Take the Film Abroad With Him
On September 22, the Human Rights Center (HRIDC) presented the documentary film of Giorgi Janelidze – “The Volunteer Spy” – in the Cinema House. The film about the military expert Vakhtang Maisaia, who was convicted for espionage, was prepared in the TV-studio (hridc.tv) of the Human Rights Center. The film caused great interest in the society. The hall of the cinema house was full. The representatives of the foreign embassies accredited in Georgia and international organizations, as well as colleagues of Vakhtang Maisaia - experts, human rights defenders, journalists and other interested people - attended the presentation. 
Council of Europe anti-torture Committee Requests the Government of Georgia to Prvent Torture and Ill-Treatment
Strasbourg, 21.09.2010 – The Council of Europe’s Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT) has published today the report on its 4th periodic visit to Georgia, carried out in February 2010. The report has been made public at the request of the Georgian authorities.
Urgent Appeal of Georgian Human Rights NGOs
Human rights defenders in Georgia are very concerned over the pending amendment to the Law on Police. If passed into the law, the amendment will authorize an ordinary policeman to stop any person at any time in the street and conduct an “examination on the surface of one’s cloths” based solely on the policeman’s “reasonable doubt” that a citizen might have committed a crime. Moreover, the amendment further eliminates the need for obtaining a prior authorization to conduct a comprehensive search upon an individual and lowers a legal threshold triggering the right for such a search. 
Elite Corruption in Guria Region – How Settlement of Police High-Ranking Officials Was Created in Bakhmaro
The high-ranking officials are compelled to resign in Guria region. Public agents and law enforcement officers are called for interrogations. Who is the investigation looking for?
Murdered or Drowned? The family requests Investigation from the government
 It has been a year after the suspicious death of Elguja Akhalaia the resident of Chkhorotskhu district. There are several unofficial versions about the death of the young man. The relatives state he was killed and thrown into the river.
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