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A Great Fuss in the Gori District Court
There is often a great fuss in front of the Gori district and civil court. Many notes appear on the boards, but they do not actually give the exact trial time as the proceedings rarely begin at the posted hour. People gather on the stairs of the court and simply wait.

Amnesty of “Dead Articles”
An excerpt from Georgian legislation granting amnesty reads as follows: “Based on the principles of humanism, the Georgian government, understanding the level of security needed in civil society, grants the amnesty to suspects, accused, condemned and prisoners and applies to it as a single and special event.” This act was put into force as soon as it was adopted on November 29th, 2007.
Reservists Are Forced to Meet Presidential Candidate
After former President Mikheil Saakashvili met participants of the presidentially-funded Patrioti program, reservists are now required to meet with Saakashvili. Reservists have received a special summons from their local municipality military units last week. The letter stated that unless the soldiers attended the meeting in the Gurjaani sporting grounds on December 11th, they face a fine of 500 lari and an official charge of resistance.

Journalist Takes Legal Action Against Police
Journalist Gela Mtivlishvili has brought a suit against the Kakheti Department of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs. His suit requests the Board of the Department immediately issue public information regarding police actions.

Participants of the Demonstration Organized by the United Opposition are Still Being Abused
Has the Department for Constitutional Security (DCS) prepared the list for the people who should be detained?!

Siblings Eka and Guram Khvichias attended the demonstration organized by the United Opposition on October 28 in Zugdidi. They were not afraid of being detained and applied to the Human Rights Center’s Zugdidi office for help. The Khvichias are the first who have not kept silent and accused Fridon Antia, a high ranking official of the regional department of the DCS, of abusing them.
Disagreement At Court
The Kutaisi Court of Appeals recently handed down an unprecedented verdict on labor relations in Georgia. The Court Collegiums, with Irma Peranidze acting as chairperson, upheld the appeal of Irma Margvelashvili’s, a former employee of the Kutaisi office for the JSI Research and Training Institute Program for Women Health in Georgia. The court ruled that the board of JSI illegally breached Margvelashvili’s contract on September 16, 2006, and was ordered to pay her salary for the time initially laid out in the contract.
How Georgian Beacon of Democracy Was Put Out
Rough violation of human rights became an unresolved problem for Georgia. Public Defender stated the events developed in November finally destroyed the myth about Georgian democracy among the international community. The Human Rights Centre represents the interview with the Public Defender Sozar Subari.

Shida Kartli Regional Prosecutor Violates Human Rights
Kakha Muradashvili was appointed to the position of regional prosecutor after having taken internship courses at the Gori Prosecutor’s Office. Non-governmental organizations, journalists and lawyers claim that Muradashvili is the “protector” who most grossly violates human rights in the region. Muradashvili plays some role in all important cases that come through the Gori Prosecutor’s Office. Muradashvili is responsible for cases involving mentally disabled people, the elderly, single mothers and detainees arrested for minor hooliganism. The Gori District Court generally satisfies Muradashvili’s demands immediately.

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