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“Childless” Prisoner
“When verdict was passed on Sofio Kobakhidze, both the judge and the prosecutor knew that she had one-month-old baby. Sofio’s lawyer, Ana Gagua, introduced the court with birth-certificate of the child. The judge and the prosecutor looked at each other in silence, but finally they did not react on the fact. Sofio’s little baby is not mentioned in case materials at all,” said Davit Managadze, lawyer for the Human Rights Center (HRIDC).
“Let’s Encourage Murderers”
Goga Khaindrava: “Now everything depends on the dignity of society; how will people put up with similar dishonesty. I predict that Saakashvili’s government will finish its activities shamefully. It is terror and society cannot put up with terror.”
Sixteen-Year-Old Juvenile Might Be Imprisoned for Nine Years for having Stolen Bicycle
Sixteen-year-old Nodar Tukvadze has been in Batumi Jail # 3 for six months already where he is waiting for court verdict. Batumi Prosecutor’s Office blames the juvenile for having stolen a bicycle. The investigation is based only on victim’s testimony that is impartial according to the lawyer of the accused. The victim is an inspector for Adjara Defense Police Department.
Aunt Is Seized of Flat Because of Niece’s Debts
The government granted Medea Khokhashvili with flat as she was victim of earthquake. She lives in the flat with her two children but now her family will remain homeless because of the debts taken by Medea Khokhashvili’s niece.
“Court Transparency Is Necessary”
Journalists from Samtskhe-Javakheti Region expressed their concern regarding the legislative amendments introduced to the law on prohibition of photo-film-video shooting at trials.
“12 Steps” For Drug Addict Prisoners
Little time ago, scientific conference regarding drug and alcohol addiction was held in Kutaisi detention setting # 2. The fact was extraordinary because the speakers at the conference were drug addict prisoners. They were discussing the negative influence of the dope on health; how it destroys the mentality of the abuser, etc.
Lawyer for Free
By the end of 2007, Georgian population can enjoy free service of lawyers. Currently public attorneys can support population only in several districts. Although their activities are not restricted yet, since 2009 they will serve only particular categories of people.
Lawyers from Kutaisi Condemn the Prohibition of Photo-Video-Recording In The Court
Two days ago, Georgian Parliament passed amendments to the Law on “Common Court” on the third discussion of the topic. The amendments were voted for by 117 voices against 18. The new law envisages the prohibition of photo-film-video recording of trials in the court building and court rooms.
„Special Show” in Kutaisi
The society got furious about special operation carried out by the Department of Constitutional Security in Kutaisi last week. Criminal case was launched against detainees and the case consists of two parts. 24 employees of the Kutaisi Local Self-government, were accused for issuing and using fraudulent documents and for appropriation of 600 000 lari from the state budget.
Three Versions of Guram Sharadze’s Political Assassination (the end)
One more prominent figure, scientist, former MP, politician and Guram Sharadze’s friend, Elizbar Javelidze, conversed with Human Rights Center. He claims that Sharadze was shot not from one but two guns. He has several questions regarding the investigation and expects law enforcers to answer his questions. However, Javelidze, like other respondents does not believe the investigation will be unbiased.
Three Versions of Guram Sharadze’s Political Assassination (Part II)
The family of Sharadzes has many questions regarding the investigation; however they do not apply to investigation because of mistrust. History of messages is very important in Sharadze’s case. The history started in summer of 2002. 10 000 subscribers of Magti GSM received similar messages: “Death to fascist Guram Sharadze, long life to Liberty Institute.” The incident caused serious concern and several articles and TV programs were dedicated to it. Consequently, criminal case was launched on the fact. The investigation found out certain Karosanidze, an employee of the Open Society-Georgia. The court discussed the case at trails; though nobody was punished for the incident.
Eight-year-old Child Is Seized of the House Inherited from Grandfather
“On our way from the court, my daughter told me: “Mother, we are in such a terrible situation that we should drown ourselves in the Rioni River. There is no way out for us.”My daughter should not do that but I really do not have any more way out. I cannot look at my child because I feel myself guilty. My child has been trying to regain the house inherited from her grandfather for three years already. The reason for the problem is my unreasonable decision and several people who betrayed me,” said mother of eight-year-old Tsitsino Khvedelidze, Mzia Khachiperadze who applied to the Human Rights Centers’s Kutaisi Office with the support of Maguli Giorgadze, former head of the Department for the Rights of Child and Cooperation with Juveniles within the Kutaisi Self-Government.
Three Versions of Political Assassination of Guram Sharadze (part I)
On July 20 it will be two months after famous politician, academician, writer and public man Guram Sharadze was assassinated. However, his family members were not interrogated yet. His lawyer is ignored and cannot interfere in the investigation process. The family does not cooperate with law enforcers and does not hope the investigation will be impartial. Relatives of Sharadzes are sure that the assassination of Guram Sharadze will be one more case in addition to those which are pretended to be investigated through.
Verdicts Are Not Passed on Time at the Gori District Court
None of the judges from the Gori District Court hurries to pass verdicts. The verdict must be handed in to the parties within fourteen days; however, they are not even printed within that time.
In Kakheti, Local Government Cooperates with Criminal Authorities
“Criminal authorities, who have influence on districts, will be imprisoned nevertheless they commit crime or cooperate with organized criminal groups,” said the president and soon after this statement law enforcers detained many criminal authorities in many districts and Kakheti was among them. On the one hand it seems the government fights against the criminals; however according to the reliable sources, not only businessmen but representatives of the local authority also pay money for Obshchiak, collected money for criminal purposes. Moreover, the high ranking officials try to threaten journalists in the name of criminal authorities.
Kakheti Awaits Boisterous Detention Series
Investigative Department of Revenues within the Georgian Ministry of Finances raids the district Administrative Boards in Kakheti region. According to the Kakheti Office of the Investigative Department, they are carrying out preliminary investigation on criminal case on appropriating the state budget. High ranking officials of the Gurjaani District Municipality and Administration are suspected for the crime. The Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the prevarications.
Gori Patrol Policemen Violate Georgian Constitution
In Gori, patrol policemen’s “exceeded” effort has bothered people. People, driving cars unknown to patrol policemen, are detained by law enforcers though they do not breach traffic rules. There are permanent queues in front of the Regional Department of the Patrol Police where people wait to be tested on drug addiction.
Eighty-year-old Old Man Is Judged for Contradicting the Testimony
Judge accused Shakhzad Vanadze, a resident of the village of Gelauri in Khulo District, for contradicting the testimony as a witness. Vanadze said that he could not make a testimony because he had not witnessed the crime and had no information about it. According to the accusation, Vanadze shall be sentenced to four-year-imprisonment.
Court Hearings without Audio-Video Recording
Journalists from the Samegrelo Region oppose the initiative of the Legal Committee of the Georgian Parliament. The draft law is about prohibition of audio recording of the court hearings. The journalists say that the prohibition will prevent them to carry out their journalistic activities and to introduce the society with complete information.
Attorneys Complain About Influenced Court
In developed countries Judicial System is considered to be independent; however we cannot claim the same about Georgian courts. In our country either Prosecutor’s Office, or Regional Gubernator or high-ranking officials control the judicial system. Influenced court creates particularly numerous problems for citizens. Justice is almost impossible to prevail over through the court discussions.
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