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Sighnagi Police Prosecutes Supporters of Opposition Parties
Sighnaghi district police persecutes representatives of the district office of the Alliance for Georgia and supporters of the opposition parties. Law enforcers detained Ilia Khutsishvili, Zaza Pkhovelishvili, Omar and Temur Taliashvili in the evening of Friday, May 22. These people were detained without having been explained the reason of detention; they were kept in the Tsnori police station for five hours. During the detention the law enforcers did not allow the detainees to inform the family members about the location of Khutsishvioli, Pkhovelishvili and Taliashvili. The policemen threatened the detainees with planting drugs in their cars unless they stop supporting the opposition parties.

A Story by Witnesses to a Bloody Special Operation
The government carried out the next special operation. Gia Krialashvili, wanted for the uprising in the military base in Mukhrovani, is killed; Koba Otanadze and Levan Amiridze are gravely wounded. They are in the intensive care clinic of the Ghudushauri Hospital in Tbilisi. Investigators cannot interrogate the wounded people yet. The accident is still unclear to the people.

No Assault on Journalists in the Kakheti Region on May 21, 2008 has been Investigated
One year has passed since the snap parliamentary elections on May 21, 2008. The facts of five assaults on journalists in five election districts in Kakheti region have not investigated. Eliso Chapidze, an editor of the newspaper “Resonance” was attacked in polling station N 26 in the Sighnaghi Election District N 13 by Nodar Kapanadze and Otar Lamazoshvili who had no right to be in the polling station. The attackers twisted the hands of the journalist, seized her video-camera and physically assaulted her. Konstantine Stalinski, representative of the news website “pressa.ge”, cameramen Malkhaz Varshanidze and Irakli Goguadze were beaten in the polling station in Iormughanlo village in the Sagarejo Election District. Journalists were beaten in the Lagodekhi district too. The Chairperson of the election commission first hit the journalist with a chair and then armed people kicked him out of the polling station by a threat of using a weapon against him..

People Punished Because They Were to Lead or Join the Protest on April 9
The following story is about a person who is an IDP from Tskhinvali and who was sent to prison for 27 days by the Gori district Court for having a different political opinion. He was also bailed for 276 GEL. With the great effort of the Judiciary System of Georgia about 10 boxes of apple rotted and the person remained without any source of income. During the war in August, 2008some of his relatives died and some were injured; his house was destroyed and the government left him without compensation. This person was punished by the war and the governments of his native country and foreign countries.  His party members they did not even provided him with drinking water during his pre-trial detention.

An Arrested General Demands to be Set Free
General Koba Kobaladze who was arrested and charged with revolution has already been starving for 14 days. He was sentenced to two months of pretrial detention.

Koba Otanadze’s Family Members Were Kidnapped
Jimsher Otanadze, brother of Koba Otanadze, who is wanted because of the incident in Mukhrovani military base, was kidnapped together with his wife Gulo Daridze and his 19-year-old Giorgi Otanadze.Their location is still unknown.

Story of One Fabrication, or Court vs. Law
This story looks like a criminal thriller about a doctor; it looks like a story of fabrication and drama of the absurd as well...it looks like the latter most of all.

The Adults Were Beaten at the Hippodrome by the Policemen
The International Music Festival – Tbilisi Open Air – Alter/Vision is finished. The government made PR for Alternative Eurovision, but it was passed with incidents. Before Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili came to the hippodrome, the policemen brutishly beat about 20 adults.

Number of People Tortured by the MIA Has Increased
Period of torture and discrediting has returned in Georgia. “Government with Roses” was boasting that military coup will never happen in Georgia and nobody will ever be tortured in future. However, the myth has been destroyed - “super democratic” government has exposed its real face.

Mother of Prisoner Paata Kaikatsishvili Is On Hunger-Strike
There is only one slogan on the tent of the hunger-striker Nargiz Kaikatsishvili: “I Demand Release of Arbitrarily Detained Paata Kaikatsishvili.” The number of protest dates is increasing next to the slogan; it is already the sixth day of the hunger-strike. The mother requests the release of her son who is arbitrarily detained.

What Happened in front of the Tbilisi Police Main Department in Tbilisi
Opposition leaders Levan Gachechiladze, Gia Maisashvili, Davit Gamkrelidze, Zviad Dzidziguri, Gia Gachechiladze (Utsnobi) and others were seriously injured during the clash with police. At the end of the demonstration the special unit and police deployed in the Dighomi central high-way arrested and beat most part of the demonstrators.

Clash in front of the Police Main Department

Rally of the opposition parties in front of the Tbilisi Main Police Department in Dighomi, Tbilisi, ended with the clash between the demonstrators and policemen. The rally moved to Dighomi after Gia Gachechiladze, “Utsnobi” (a singer) made statement in Rustaveli Avenue and called upon the people to demand the release of three detainees who were arrested for having physically assaulted journalist of the Public Broadcasting; according to the spread information the detainees were beaten and threatened with raping.

Justice In the Hands of Poor Judges
Court procedures lasted four years between two neighbors about the 7 sq. meters of balcony. Almost every instances of the court discussed this appeal and it even attracted the attention of human rights defenders because it contained the signs of discrimination on ethnic grounds: the applicant insulted the defender on ethnic grounds in front of the judge – however, the court did not protect the citizen form the third person.

Unified Accusation against Political Rival
Member of the Zugdidi Sakrebulo and representative of the Conservative Party Joni Jikia was arrested on October , 2007. He was charged for the illegal purchase, storage and usage of narcotics and weapon. Jikia still claims that he is political prisoner and narcotics were planted on him. In Georgia police officers often use this method while detention and it is very difficult to estimate whether the drugs were really planted on the detainee or not.

Deputy Head of Khashuri Department of the Constituion Security Department Committed Crime
Iuri Latsabidze, member of the People’s Party was beaten in the presence of Vano Lomsadze, deputy head of the CSD. The head of the Khashuri office of the CSD was encouraging the masked people by shouting: “kill him, he is opposition supporter…”

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