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District Governors Were Changed in Adjara Simultaneously
On August 23, municipal boards discussed one question in all four districts of Adjara Autonomous Republic – election of new interim district governor. Old governors personally wrote resignation letters in all four districts.
Prosecutor’s Office Is Studying Current Situation in Kutaisi University
“University rector might be held responsible for the financial shortcomings discovered in Kutaisi Akaki Tsereteli State University,” University lecturers spread this statement several days before the new academic year starts. 
Prisoners Protest Video-Cameras in Penitentiary Establishments
On August 15, prisoner Ivane Giglemyan contacted Human Rights Center from Prison # 7 and notified about existing situation in the penitentiary establishment. He said inmates protested installment of video-cameras in the facility with hunger-strike.
Head of Penitentiary Department Responded to the Scheme of Criminal Lords’ Management
National Movement published a Scheme of Prison Management by Criminal Lords. According to the UNM members, criminal lord Tariel Potskhveria, nickname Tarasa, rules the jail hospital. 
Six Police Officers Arrested for Tamaz Tamazashvili’s Case Released under Bail of 1000 Lari
Six police officers arrested for Tamaz Tamazashvili’s case were released from pretrial imprisonment under 1000 lari bail each.
Prosecutors Summon Two Ex-Ministers of Penitentiary for Questioning
Two ex-ministers in charge of the penitentiary system, Dimitri Shashkin and Khatuna Kalmakhelidze, have been summoned for questioning in connection to investigation over alleged cases of negligence by former senior prison officials, chief prosecutor’s office said on August 16.
Incident between Bacho Akhalaia’s Supporters and Former Political Prisoners
On July 13, a trial on the former defense and interior minister Bachana Akhalaia and other accused people was held at the Tbilisi City Court; in parallel to it, a protest assembly was organized in the court yard. The court discussed the episode about the torture of riot police officers when Akhalaia occupied the position of interior minister.
Human Rights Center Held Press-Conference about the Case of the Author of Scandalous Video-Footage
On August 16, a press-conference about the case of Gia Alavidze, author of scandalous video-footage about the convicted people for Sandro Girgvliani’s murder, was held in the conference hall of Human Rights House Tbilisi.
Verdict/Judgment on Bachana Akhalai to Be Delivered at the Next Hearing
Prosecutor and defence made final speeches at the trial on a former interior minister Bachana Akhalaia and other accused persons in the case of torture of seven riot police officers. Judge Davit Mgeliashvili will give the judgment in a few days.
Criminal Case Was Launched on Production-Use of Fraud ID Card in the Name of Akhmeta District Interim Governor
Akhmeta municipal board did not approve Beka Baidauri to the position of district governor; he is a friend of Akhmeta district majoritarian MP Zurab Zviadauri and occupied position of interim district governor after parliamentary election of 2012. Chairman of Municipal Board Zakaria Kinkladze said they had learned that faked ID card was issued on Beka Baidauri and criminal case was launched on the fact; on that ground the board did not approve him to the position.
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