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IDPs Will Spent Cold Winter Together
5 Cubic Meters of Firewood - Reality or Election Trick?

The IDPs living in Tsalenjikha will spent this cold winter without firewood. A gift from President Saakashvili  and his slogan –“Let’s spent winter together warmly” remains only on the pink vouchers. Poor IDP families are not able to buy the firewood. They do not even have the money necessary for storing the firewood in the forest and taking the wood home. Instead, the Georgian government offers another alternative - electric stoves, but the majority of IDPs cannot afford them.
Densely Populated IDPs Demand (Drinking) Water and Firewood from the Government
Approximately 70 IDP families from the village Zedaetseri in the Zugdidi region, Village Zedaetseri demand drinking water and firewood. The IDPs started the preparation process for winter 2 months before winter begins, but they still do not have any hope of receiving help. The IDPs from Abkhazia first requested local and IDP governments to satisfy their needs with regard to their living conditions first and then asked the Ministry of Refugees and Resettlement. Their social demands are still unsatisfied.

Word Demonstration - photoreportage
“What would you say to Abkhaz People 15 years later?”-“Human Rights Centre” applied to the whole Georgia with the question. The demonstration initially was held in Tbilisi and then in five regions of Georgia.
IDP School Is In Trouble
Zhiuli Shartava Public School # 6 has been operative for 12 years. The school falls under the Ministry of Education and Culture of the autonomous Republic of Abkhazia. It is currently located in Kutaisi on the fifth floor of the former vocational school for cooking and economics. IDP’s live on the other floors of the building and their children go to that school. The IDP’s have flats and a school in one building. During breaks children can go home to have a snack.
IDPs Will Not Be Evicted Anymore
The scandal about hotel “Kutaisi” that attracted public attention, ended with peaceful agreement. The board of the Interinvest Ltd satisfied the demand of IDPs residing in the hotel and paid them compensations from 4500 to 8000 USD.
In the Expectation of Internal Re-Displacement
IDPs residing in Telavi based hotel of Kakheti” were given five days to leave the building. The police warned them about it yesterday. The hotel, where nearly 60 families have lived since 1992, was purchased by Centre-Point Company. Local government offered 10 000 lari as compensation to each family from district budget. The IDPs said that they will not be able to buy any accommodation in Telavi with the money.
“Last of the Mohicans” in Hotel “Kutaisi”
As a rule, people must not live in the building that is under deconstruction. But there are some laundries hanging on verandas of the hotel. According to trousers, shirts and some other clothes hanging on the rope we can easily guess that inhabitants are not young people.
Chechen Refugees Residing in Pankisi Gorge Demand Resettlement to a Third Country
“We have got used to all kind living conditions, so it will not be difficult to stay in the street either. We will not return to Pankisi. There we are unprotected. Our lives are in danger there,” said a Chechen refugee Mahamed Khasaev in his conversation with the Human Rights Center (HRIDC). He appeared in front of the building of UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Kazbegi Street #2 together with other five Chechen refugees. They demanded the UNHCR to resettle them to a third country.
Chechen Refugees Lost Status
Chechen refugees residing in the Pankisi Gorge blame the Georgian Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation for incompetence. They claim that the ministry has deprived the refugees from their status illegally; so they will not issue IDs for Temporary Residence to them in Georgia. Consequently they will not receive fourteen-lari allowance anymore. UN High Commissioner for Refugees stops Food Program and Free Medical Aid for refugees.
IDPs from Kutiaisi Are Not Going To Surrender
Several months ago an argument started between IDPs from Kutiaisi and local law enforcers that later turned into a serious clash. Finally innocent people were arrested. The reason for the incident was IDPs’ eviction in the hotel of “Kutaisi”. Although the court temporarily deprived the owner firm from its power on the hotel, representatives of the “Interinvest” still force the inhabitants out of the hotel.
Chechen Story in Georgian
Madina with long dress and yellow kerchief has beautiful eyes. And not only eyes, she is so beautiful, that I am really surprised. And if somebody asks me, why I liked Said, I would say, I have never seen such an honest smile… It was my impression on that day, though they might be different too. One more thing- Said has blue eyes.
IDPs Will Not Be Evicted Anymore
IDPs residing in the hotel “Kutaisi” in the center of the city for nearly fifteen years do not face the danger of eviction anymore. Kutaisi Regional Court satisfied the motion of the IDPs’ lawyer who demanded to stop the eviction process of the people from the hotel and the owner of the hotel was seized of its power.
Evicted Family Demands Reimbursement from the Internal Ministry
Administrative Bureau of the Tbilisi Regional Court discusses the appeal of Malkhaz Gumashvili, a resident of the village of Duisi in Pankisi Gorge. Gumashvili demands the court order the Georgian Internal Ministry to reimburse him personal damages of 15,000 USD. As a result of the bloody special operation, the policemen killed two people. The Unit of Special Mission murdered twenty-three-year-old Vakho Gumashvili and the brother of the suitor, Avto Gumashvili, died in the subsequent house fire. Residents of the gorge still suffer from the trauma as a result of the special operation.
IDP’s require assistance
33 IDP families living in Zugdidi require assistance from the government. A new owner of the building asked residents to leave the building on June 1. Otherwise, he threatened to use force. Although the date of ultimatum has expired, the owner still has not used force. IDPs are still afraid that Kvikvinia will manage to evict them without the police.
“We Are People Deprived of All Rights”
IDPs from Abkhazia have visited the Human Rights Center’s Kutaisi office lately. They complain about their rights being violated and recall many facts, too. Their complaints are varied: some complain about unemployment, others complain about poor living conditions or evictions.
Chechen Refugees from Pankisi Gorge Have Temporarily Stopped Demonstration
Last night, Chechen refugees left the area in front of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) where they had camped down recently. They left the area after having reached some agreements with law enforcers. According to one of Chechen refugee, they had made some verbal agreement with law enforcers and decided to leave the area. Besides that, the refugees received an official notification from the UNHCR that they would receive an official reply to their demand to resettle to a third country within a week. Refugees stayed in Tbilisi and are waiting for the reply from the UNHCR.
Chechen Refugees Demand To Resettle to Europe
Chechen refuges from Pankisi Gorge have been holding protest demonstrations in the yard of the UN High Commissioner’s office in Kazbegi Street # 2. Seven families with thirty people demand the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to draw their attention to their problems and do not intend to stop demonstration.
Ombudsman against the Ministry of Refugees
Public Defender, Sozar Subari, opposes the Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation. He speaks about concrete violations of the Ministry and petitions to the President to protect IDPs. The Minister Kheviashvili does not consider Subari’s statements serious and advises him to resign.
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Will the appointment of the candidate judges nominated by the Supreme Council of Justice for life-long term in the Supreme Court strengthen justice?
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