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Progress, Shortcomings Reviewed on Human Rights Day
On the International Human Rights Day, December 10, Public Defender and some rights groups highlighted main trends in Georgia’s human rights protection over the past one year, noting progress, but also pointing at problems and challenges.
Human Rights and Freedoms Situation in Georgia in 2013
On December 10, 2013, Public Defender presented a report on Human Rights and Freedoms in Georgia. The given report represents the initiative of the Public Defender of Georgia to summarize human rights and freedoms situation in the country annually, by December 10. 
Seizing of IDP Status from Akhalgori District Residents Started
Process of seizing IDP status from Akhalgori district residents has already started. According to the information provided by local residents, about 300 people had their status ceased in Akhalgori. People speak about it in private talks in Tserovani settlement too (Akhalgori district residents live there as IDPs).
Akhalgori Residents Intend Protest Assembly in Tbilisi
Permanent residents of Akhalgori district intend to arrive soon and hold protest assembly in Tbilisi. This part of Akhalgori residents has permanently lived in the district since the war in August of 2008 and has not received any aid from the Government of Georgia. 
Status-less Akhalgori Residents
About 20% of Akhalgori residents will remain without status. Some of them do not in principal get status, others cannot receive status due to some reasons. The new registration of IDPs started on September 19, and is due to October 28, 2013.
IDP Settlement In Gori Is Not Supplied with Electricity
Internally displaced people living in Gori kindergarten No. 1 have not been supplied with electricity for over two months; residents of the kindergarten No. 7 and a public school face same problems.
“We also Share Pain of August 8” - Five Years After the Defeat in Kodori
48 families displaced from Kodori Gorge live in the former building of the Military Lyceum, in the territory of auto-factory in the outskirts of Kutaisi. They recalled the August War and their tragedy only with their neighbors. Humanrights.ge visited the family of Patima Otkhvani, an IDP from Kodori.
Christians from Syria and Egypt seek refuge in the Caucasus
TBILISI, Georgia — Ever since ouster of Egyptian strongman President Hosni Mubarak two years ago, Adel has faced a difficult dilemma: Leave behind a relatively cushy life in Egypt or stay and risk discrimination and violence as religious and sectarian tensions rise.
Illicit Restriction of Movement - Chataev’s Spouse Not Allowed to Cross Georgian Border
Spouse of Chechen Refugee Akhmed Chataev – Ayna Margoshvili is not allowed to cross Georgian border. According to her, she had tried to leave the country twice during one month but faced problems at the border. Ayna wants to visit her father who lives in Chechnya and has serious health problems.
Public Defender Presented Report on IDPs
Public Defender of Georgia presented Report about human rights situation of internally displaced people in the country. Lack of adequate accommodation, unemployment, unavailability of medical care – these are those key problems, Ucha Nanuashvili focused on in his report.
False Promises of the Ministry of IDPs from Occupied Territories
About 500 IDP families live in Koda village in Tetritskaro district. IDPs from Eredvi, Tskhinvali and Liakhvi Gorge were resettled there in November-December of 2008. Humanrights.ge visited the settlement at the end of November, 2012 and reported about local problems. Ministry of IDPs from Occupied Territories, Refugees and Accommodation promised them to resolve their problems. However, during our second visit we learned the problems were still unresolved.

Have you ever been victim of domestic violence and have you applied to law enforcement bodies for help?
Yes, I have been victim of domestic violence and have applied to LEB for help Yes, I have been victim of domestic violence but have not applied to LEB for help I have not bee victim of domestic violence


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