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Chechen Refugees Are Not Allowed To Go Abroad
Chechen refugees fall into a category of the population finding themselves abandoned by  the Georgian government. Georgian legislation does not give them the opportunity to move abroad and essentially forces them to live in the Pankisi Gorge, where neither basic living conditions can be satisfied nor jobs found.
Ingilos from Dedoflistskaro will Boycot Presidential Elections
The Ingilos are a Georgian ethnic group, historically called the Herr, living in Saingilo, which is historically Georgian territory, but currently the border region of Azerbaijan. Recently the Ingilos, or the Herr, started to move to their relatives in Georgia and now live in villages close to the border with Azerbaijan in the village of Samtatskaro in the Dedoflistskaro disctrict, plan to boycot the presidential elections. The Herr stated that the reason for their boycott was the linking bridge between Georgian and Azerbaijan which was blocked on December 31, 2005 under a governmental order. The Herr from Samtatskaro have not been able to contact their relatives in Saingilo. Residents of neighboring villages might join their protest because of poor social conditions. 

Azerbaijani Government Evicted Georgian Priest Serving In Saingilo
Georgian Orthodox parishioners in Saingilo (a region in Azerbaijan close to the Georgian border mostly inhabited by Georgians) have not been allowed to enter St. George’s Church of Kurmukhi for eight months. The door of St. George’s was nailed shut under the order of Kakhi region authorities in Azerbaijan. According to the locals, they key to the church was even taken from the Georgian priest. The international press this incident received press has been followed up by the Azerbaijani government expelling Father Gabriel Jambazishvili from the country and placing the Orthodox Ingilos under police control.

Pako Tabatadze May Go to Strasbourg
Since 20-year old Pako Tabatadze was kicked off the reality show “Bari,” he has been busy consulting with lawyers. He is considering legal action against TV station Rustavi 2 because of their violation of his rights. Human rights protectors consider Tabatadze’s expulsion from the show as an issue of direct discrimination. Pako Tabatadze “had not finished his greeting” when he was expelled from “Bari.” 

Story of Kuradashvili’s Family Who Became Mekhriev
“I want to return my surname back, but they are sending me to various institutions for a single document”… Muslim Meskhetian, eighty-nine-year-old Osmana, his son-forty-year-old Ali, daughter-in-law Osana and grandchildren-Aslana, Raina and five-year-old Abasa live together. Osmana Mekhriev was twenty-seven when he was evicted from Georgia. He well remembers the details of eviction. “Soldiers arrived at our houses at 3:00 AM and ordered to pack our stuff in two hours; we had to leave the village before 5:00 AM. We left Atskuri (Akhaltsikhe District) by train. We traveled 22 days and finally arrived in the village of Luisan in the Ahum-Baboev District in Fergan Region, Central Asia. Later on we moved to Tashkent.”
National Minorities in the Georgian TV Broadcasting
Today, NGO “Youth Alternative” presented the results of the Georgian TV Companies’ monitoring. According to the organization’s representatives, the main goal of the project “Ethnic Minorities in Georgian Information Sources” was the monitoring of the TV programs on ethnic minorities.
Recommendations on the Protection of National Minorities (The End)
According to the act of 2005, Georgia ratified the Framework Convention for the protection of National Minorities. To implement mentioned convention in reality, the National Minority Commission of Public Defender’s office prepared recommendations.
Recommendations on the Protection of National Minorities (Part One)
The national minorities in Georgia are not satisfied with their living conditions and they offer the recommendation policy paper to the Government. Tolerance, integration in society, and illiteracy of the state language – these are the basic problems of national minority. Though, they do not forget positive cases, made for salvation of their problems.
Everyday Life and Problems of Dukhabors (The End)
There are not young people in the village of Gorelovka at all. All respondents are over fifty. “Now you will meet only old people everywhere-on the plots, on the road, in the yards…Only elderly people remained here. I live with my eighty-two-year-old father who has got deaf and blind and I am looking after him. My children went to Russia. My youngest son went there during the first migration. Although he worked on combine, then he could not get any job and went to Russia. He moved to Tula in the Arkhangleski district with his wife and children. I do not want to go to Russia, I have got used to living here but I have no choice. I have to go…I receive only 38 lari a month. I could not plant potato this year either,” said sixty-year-old Anastasia Tikhonova. Finally we found a young man next to the shop in the center of the village. He was sitting near the wall in the sun. Local people seldom see sunshine in the village.
Everyday Life and Problems of Dukhabors(part I)
They are free and independent people-all journalists having visited the Dukhabors in the Javakheti region described them with these words. Nowadays, these people are deprived of their freedom and independence. Fear and desire of getting over the hard situation can be noticed in their eyes. They do not have any wish to speak with journalists and hide in their homes. “Minorities are suppressed here and we will soon abandon the area,” said Dukhabors who have spent 160 years in Georgia.
President Is Expected To Reply to Insulted National Minorities
Organization “Multinational Georgia” has petitioned to the Georgian Pesident and the Chairwoman of the Parliament and demands them to respond on insulting statements made by their co-thinker. It was MP Beso Jugheli who made statements on TV and non-Georgian population considered he was kindling national outrage.
Herr’s Problem, Rejected by Government
Ingilos, from the village of Samtatskaro in the Dedoflistskaro District, have been urging to open the way to Saingilo. They have sent open letter to the Georgian President, met the Patriarch, MP Elene Tevdoradze, representatives of the Public Defender; held protest demonstrations but their attempts ended in failure. Several days ago, the Herr brought a suit to the court with the assistance of the lawyers for the Human Rights Center.
Are there political prisoners in Georgia currently?
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