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Harvest of “Custer Bombs” in Georgian Villages in Gori Region
A covert follow-up investigation on October 2 by reporter Jeffrey K. Silverman, and a freelance photographer, Ian Carver (both American citizens) revealed cluster bombs were used in Georgia’s Gori region, (security zone), as earlier documented by the Human Rights Watch in South Ossetia proper. The two had slipped through the Russian block posts on the edge of the security zone between Gori and South Ossetia by posing as locals and using local transport.

Now “No Chance” to Negotiate with Ossetians and Abkhazians
“The International Community is not in then position to demand the republics, which were declared independent by Russia, to return the Kodori Gorge (Abkhazia region) or Akhalgori districts (South Ossetia) that had been till the August under Georgian jurisdiction. Nothing can be achieved in this direction just because the international community does not officially recognize them as independent states. De-facto Abkhazia and de-facto Ossetia do not exist for Europe.

Rights of Roma People Are Not Protected At All
Georgian has ratified several international documents and has officially assumed responsibility to protect ethnic minorities wit in its territory, including among other groups is a Roma population. However, the state has not worked out any politician direction to actually protect the security of the Roma and to create a tolerant environment for them within Georgia. They are still arbitrarily arrested, they are still made into virtual slaves, and they continue to under the most unbearable of conditions. Most Roma children are blocked from access to education and from being able to receive adequate medical assistance.

Leninovla-Forgotten Roma Village
“The Roma Community is the most disadvantaged ethnic minority group in Europe, suffering from a range of human rights violations and being a special target of racism throughout Europe,” read the documented statements from European Commission, Fundamental Rights Agency and Council of Europe.

Week of Anti-Racism in Georgia
Georgia suffer from” Cultural Shock” when they see black people. At least, this what Nigerian youth living in Georgia consider as their first impression of the situation.  They complain about Georgian law enforcers who sometimes abuse them.

Police Harasses Roma People because of “Ethnicity”
Those of the Roma ethnicity residing in the village of Leninovka in Dedoplistskaro District are blaming local police officers for harassing them on their ethnic background. They claim that law enforcers fabricated materials in making a criminal case and even insulted the Roma when they showed up at the police station to find out about the situation. They were physically kicked out of the station by the police.  The Roma claim that their rights have been and continue to be abused, and that this is because of their ethnic group. They are urging international organizations to come to their assistance. Otherwise, they will walk to Tbilisi with their children and begin protesting in front of the office of the Council of Europe.

Ethnic Avars Resettlement from Kvareli District for May 2008
Information about the possible resettlement of ethnic Avars residing in Georgia was announced a short time ago by the news Agency “Daghestani”. Avars residing in the Kvareli District in Kakheti Region and Dagestan Branch of the Department for IDPs  and Refugees within the Russian Federal Service for Immigration confirm the shared information. It is claimed that mass resettlement will commence in May of 2008.
Chechen Refugee Child Needs Immediate Operation Abroad
Resettlement to a third country is still problem for Chechen refugees.

Chechen refugees have been residing in Georgia for over seven years and they still desire to resettle to a third country. Edri Alkhanashvili’s child became one year old several days ago. He is seriously ill. Unless he is operated on, he would remain invalid till the end of his life. Future of Ilis Khan Gaziev depends on international organizations; though they have not decided the future of the child and his family yet.
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City full of death
Put on your best cloths. Look at your kids carefully and embrace them. Call your mom. Call your friends. Look through your house
Vanished people – “Never forget me”
Disbelief based on partiality Reality is different


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
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