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TV Imedi Was Scared By Topics of “Our Express”
Censorship is not main problem of Georgian media but self-censorship

Our guest is Irakli Berulava, production manager of the Internews Foundation, producer of the TV program “Our Express”; he spoke about the reasons why their TV program is not aired on Imedi TV any longer; he spoke about general problems of Georgian journalism.

Media Killers
It is bad that journalists have to write complaints about our own colleagues but it is fact that journalists corps willy-nilly has been divided into journalists and governmental journalists. This problem can be resolved but recent facts have exceeded all limits of journalistic ethic.

Head of News Room at 1st Channel Curses and Threatens Journalists
Non-governmental organization Human Rights Center blames Khatuna Berdzenishvili, head of news room at the 1st channel, for cursing and oppressing journalists. According to the statement of the center, today, on March 25, Khatuna Berdzenishvili called Gela Mtivlishvili, journalist for the on-line newspaper of the Human Rights Center, from the phone number 822 409 180 and blamed him for having spread fraud information. Berdzenishvili accused him for corruption and threatened with creating problems unless he stopped similar activities.
Newspaper “Batumelebi” VS Adjara Prosecutor’s Office
“Hei girl, how do you dare to do that … We will put you in the cell…”

Newspaper “Batumelebi” is going to sue against the reply of the Prosecutor’s Office of Adjara Autonomous Republic. In its reply prosecutor stated that nobody had breached the law in regard with Natia Rokva, correspondent of the newspaper. The Prosecutor’s Office made the statement without having interrogated the journalist.

HRIDC Report on Khurcha Incident – Factual Event or Machiavellian Conspiracy?

The 2008 Khurcha incident refers to the attack on buses in the Georgian village of Khurcha, near the ceasefire line with the internationally unrecognized breakaway region Republic of Abkhazia that has recently been recognized by the Russian Federation. The attack took place on Parliamentary Election Day May 21 2008 injuring 3 people.

ახალი კორონავირუსის გავრცელების გამო დაკარგეთ თუ არა სამსახური?
დიახ არა


Women – victims of violence
Growing older has one more privilege besides the years-long experience – you personally participate in the change of public opinions. These changes are
ქალ პატიმართა მოლოდინები
Sexual Minorities in Georgian Prisons


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?


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