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Council of Ethic Charter of Journalists Concluded Natia Koberidze Breached Article 1 of Charter
On March 25, Council of the Ethic Charter of Journalists discussed the question related with the journalist Natia Koberidze based on the complaints filed by citizens.  The Council concluded that journalist of the TV-Company Imedi breached Article 1 of the Charter when releasing the simulated chronicle on March 13. According to the Article, journalist shall respect truth and right of society – to get correct information.

Why Was News Program of TV-Company “Sakartvelo” Closed?
News program of the TV-Company “Sakartvelo” ceased broadcasting. According to the executive director of the Human Rights Center, the reason might be active struggle of the foreign investor David John Mapley for his property. He has been fighting to protect his investments for many years.

Results of Imitated War – in Gori the Three Phones of Emergency Service Rang Non-Stop throughout Night
The telecast aired by the Chronicle caused death of two people in Gori district. The Human Rights Center studied the results of the simulated reportage released by the TV Company Imedi on March 13 for one week. Centers of the medical emergency service, hospitals, maternity houses, gynecological clinics, agencies of the healthcare ministry – are the organizations where we collected information about the people victimized by the imitated war.

Journalists Are Strict about Their Colleagues
TV-Company “Imedi” breached the main principle of journalism and lied – said founders and subscribers of the Charter of Journalistic Ethic while commenting on the simulated Chronicle released by the Imedi TV on March 13. Natia Koberidze, anchor of the Special Reportage at the Imedi-TV, has also signed the Charter.

Hope Is Dying But Later – Assessments about Simulated Chronicle
After the hot days of the August of 2008 the society still got afraid of war. The reason is so-called simulated chronicle aired by the TV-Company Imedi on March 13, 2010. The reportage was about possible intervention of Russia and break out of the new war.

Vano Merabishvili May Have Wished to Publish Secret Audio-Recording of Arveladze and Tsamalashvili’s Over-Phone Conversation
Scandalous audio-recording of the over-phone conversation was published on one of the most popular website in Tbilisi, Forum.ge. In the audio-recording, head of Georgian Imedi Production Group Giorgi Arveladze and his deputy Eka Tsamalashvili were speaking about the simulated reportage. However, initially, the audio-recording was published on the Russian website – copoka.net.

Misha, Visit Gardabani!
President Saakashvili often takes foreign guests to various regions or cities of Georgia where he shows them recently-built buildings, fountains and boasts with different achievements. One of the towns which will not be good for similar trips in Georgia is Gardabani, Kvemo Kartli region. The only nice buildings are office of the National Movement and two colorful residential buildings for so-called new IDPs. The program of renovating the building facades and reconstruction of roads has not reached Gardabani yet.

“We hardly survived!... Now We Expect Attacks from Tbilisi and not from Russia” say residents of Akhalgori District
“After the release of imitated Russian attack near Akhmaj released by Imedi TV on March 13, Georgian policemen and soldiers were ready for attack on Georgian check-points. They were waiting Russian side to open fire from their posts after “simulated reportage”. The Humanrights.ge was informed about it from Akhalgori district.

Sorry – For Information Terror
On March 13, the Georgian society was panicked by the simulated Chronicle released by TV-Company “Imedi” during their program Special Reportage. People left their homes in Tbilisi and in various regions of Georgia - particularly in conflict zones; part of the population sheltered in the forests. There were queues at petrol stations and groceries. Because of high number of emergency calls first medical services started working in emergency regime.

Statement of the Human Rights Center on the Provocation of Imedi TV
In the evening of March 13th, the invented story released by the TV-Company Imedi about a new war panicked and astonished the Georgian population. The short warning was made before the reportage, where journalists stated the story was simulated, though there was no banner on the reportage itself stating that information was fake.

Fake Report on Renewed War Triggers Panic, Anger on Imedi TV
A 30-minute long fake report by Imedi television station on Saturday evening as if Russian troops were advancing to Tbilisi triggered panic and also wave of anger on the television station, which has a nationwide broadcasting.

“Block 13th in Georgian” – The Film about Impunity Syndrome
On March 12, the Human Rights Centre presented Giorgi Janelidze’s film “Block 13th in Georgian” in Public Defender’s office; it is investigative film about the death of Vasil Amonishvili; he was member of security guard at Public Registration Agency.

Attacks on the Press 2009: Georgia
International organization Committee for the Protection of Journalists published a report on media situation in Georgia. It describes the situation in Georgian TV-Companies. More precisely, the report states that TV-Company Rustavi 2, which used to be the flagship of the democratic movements in Georgia, has turned into the government-controlled station since the end of 2009; consequently, they stopped to broadcast events impartially. International organization discussed the dispersal of Imedi-TV and reinforcement of government’s control on it in its report. The report also discusses various obstacles created for independent TV-Company “Maestro” which faced problems for their different position. Humanrights.ge publishes the part of the report which discusses the situation in Georgia.

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