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News Agency INFO 9’s Statement about Violence Facts against Journalists
News agency INFO 9 spread statement about the violence facts against their journalists. According to the news agency, violence and persecution facts against INFO 9’s correspondents have acquired systemic character.

Kakheti – Pre-Election Digest # 2
From August 11 to August 18 Information Center of Kakheti observed 3 facts of interference in journalists’’ activities, 1 fact of assumed bribery of voters, 7 facts of intimidation, 1 fact of watching, 2 detentions, 1 fact of property damage, 5 facts of controversy, 2 cases of failing meetings of the Georgian Dream’s candidates with voters and 2 facts of misuse of administrative resources by the National Movement.
Mtskheta-Mtianeti – Pre-election digest # 2
From August 11 to August 18, Information Center of Mtskheta-Mtianeti observed 1 case of attempted interference in the pre-election meeting of the majoritarian candidate with voters and hooliganism, 2 cases of detention, 4 cases of oppression and 1 fact of assumed document fabrication.

Assaults in Akhmeta – Two Journalists are beaten and their video cameras broken
In Akhmeta on the night of August 22,  Studio GNS journalists Vasil Dabrundashvili and Bacho Buliskeria were beaten by people connected with Gia Lortkipanidze, assistant of Ministry of Internal Affairs, and his brother Davit, the head of the Constitutional Security Department (CSD) in Khaketi region.

Monitoring of Media Coverage of Parliamentary Elections - Results from the Period of July 30-August 12
Monitoring of Media Coverage of Parliamentary Elections - Results from the Period of July 30-August 12 is a periodic report of Human Rights Center prepared within the project Media Monitoring of Parliamentary Elections.

Signs of Hidden Advertisement in Social Ads
Monitoring of Media-Coverage of Parliamentary Elections, which is implemented by the Human Rights Center, exposed that various advertisements aired by the Georgian Public Broadcaster [GPB] from June 18 to July 29 do not comply with the criteria set by the law for social ads and contain signs of hidden advertisement.

Info 9 Cameraman beaten when performing professional activities
At 7:00 pm on August 15, Davit Chavleishvili, cameraman of Info 9 in Lanchkhuti district, was beaten when performing his professional activities in front of a mini-bus near Lanchkuti municipal building.
Human Rights Center’s Press-Conference – Results from the First Stage of Media-Monitoring
Human Rights Center held a press-conference on the topic “Monitoring of Media Coverage of Parliamentary Elections – results of monitoring period June 18-July 29.”

Imedi TV Journalist Quits Her Job for the Mistake Made
Journalist Keti Kashakashvili quit Imedi TV, InterPressNews agency reports. The decision was made following her mistake on August 7 when covering the ceremony of lowering flags for the fourth anniversary of the Georgian-Russian war.

Election Subjects to Pay for Pre-Election Advertisements in Advance
Election subjects will have to pay for pre-election advertisements in advance, according to the August 6 order issued by the General Auditor of the State Audit Office (former Chamber of Control).

Social advertising in the service of the ruling party
A detailed study of social ads aired during recent months on the Public Broadcaster demonstrates that many video broadcasts under this status do not meet the legislative criteria laid down for social advertisements. Furthermore, a majority of them, according to their tenor, represent political ads which are intended as endorsements in favor of the ruling party. We believe that this case is an example of utilizing administrative resources for electoral purposes, and an unlawful donation made by the State on behalf of one political union.

Maestro Solidarity Action in Brussels
Georgians, living in Europe, held a Maestro solidarity assembly in front of the European Union’s Institutes on July 15. Georgians from Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and other European countries participated in the rally. They were holding dish TV- antennas and posters with the following slogans:”Stop Media-Swallower!”, “Misha, do not deceive people”, ”Misha, do not threaten people!”, “We deserve a better president”, etc.
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