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Radio Liberty Broadcast Restricted in Adjara Run-up to Adjara Supreme Council Elections
Radio Liberty has not been broadcasting in Adjara for the 4th week now. The Adjara TV-Radio Department states that the Radio Liberty programs have not been broadcasted for the radio does not have a subsequent contract. Tea Tsetskhladze, the director of Adjara TV-Radio Department and the former head of Levan Varshalomidze’s Press Department (Levan Varshalomidze is the head of Adjara Autonomos Republic government) states that the Radio Liberty’s programs will be broadcasted via the Adjara Radio if only the Radio Liberty Tbilisi Bureau accepts the terms of Adjara TV-Radio Department.

Regional TV News Programs “Off-The-Air”
News related programs of the Kakheti based TV Companies of Telavi and Gurjaani have ceased broadcasting. Nato Metungishvili, the head of the News Department of the Telavi TV Company “Tanamgzavri” reported they are expected to resume broadcasting in September. The board of however, correspondents of the TV Stations are to be furloughed and will be on unpaid holidays. 

Media Crackdown Means Ordinary Citizens are Hostages of Georgian Government
Georgians have become accustomed to surprises. Each and every day in Georgia starts out with stories of somebody’s property being illegally taken or how some families were expelled from their homes. It is also common to hear stories about TV Companies or individual TV programs being closed down or changed in its programming direction. The Georgian government is getting rid of everything that creates some obstacle in its way.

Government Targets Kavkasia and Terrorism of Business Continues
TV-company Kavkasia has only one way left, which is to ask for financial assistance in order to survive and to continue its existence and supported by the station’s viewing audience. The government has not left any other option for the struggling TV-company: businesspersons who used to air their ads on Kavkasia have been since invited to Financial Police and pressure applied. Demands have been made for them to stop advertising their businesses via this TV-company.

Political Funding for Georgian TV Companies
I doubt media will be supported in the future; the freedom of expression will be further restricted; newspapers and TV Company “Kavkasia” will encounter additional problems.”
“Everything depends how skilled and strong media sources stand. I do not know what they are planning but I know what I am going to do,” said journalists Ia Antadze and Nino Jangirashvili after news program of the TV Company “Mze” was taken off the air. Although the TV Company was often blamed for partiality, the closure of the news programs made the situation even tenser.

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