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Rustavi 2 Director General Nika Gvaramia Detained
Nika Gvaramia, Director General of TV company Rustavi 2 was detained on December 19 by Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance for financial machination and forged documents. Along with him Alexander Khetaguri, former Minister of Energy as well as Kakha Damenia, former deputy Minister of Economy and Devi Kandelaki, chief executive officer of Telasi and Giorgi Nemsitsveridze, founder of L & F Service have been arrested.
Historic Review of Georgian Political Advertisement
In 2005, American researchers estimated that political advertisements on TV have short (two-week) impact on voters. But the result is so rapid and effective, that every tetri spent is justified.

Pre-election Advertisement Promises
Is it easy to advertise yogurt? It might not be easy because every yogurt is almost equal, and the advertisement shall expose something special in it. As a result you must buy this particular yogurt and not other. And you must not be disappointed. This law is universal and it works in all other cases if it has long-term goals.

Natia Lazashvili Reports Live on Quitting TV 9
Live at 21:00 in the evening of November 22 the newsreader Natia Lazashvili said she is quitting the TV company.

Human Rights Center’s Last Periodic Reports on Media Monitoring
In the frame of Media-Monitoring on the Coverage of Parliamentary Elections, Human Rights Center publishes reports from the last two periods - October 22 – November 4 and November 5-November 18.

Who Insulted Journalist of Guriis Moambe and Rustavi 2
Unidentified people attacked journalist of Guriis Moambe and Rustavi 2 Vladimer Menabde  in Ozurgeti; motive of this assault was not identified yet. The journalist wrote on his facebook page that Georgian Dream’s activists from Georgian Dream, with Lasha Glonti as a leader, attacked him. Georgian Dream categorically denies connection of their activists with the incident.

Koba Bekauri: “Adeishvili Told Me He Would Arrest and Destroy Me Unless I Give Money to Shalva Ramishvili”
On November 26, a member and former MP of the National Movement Koba Bekauri visited Shalva Ramishvili’s morning program on Maestro.

New Video-Footage on Photo-Reporters’ Case to Be Handed to MIA and Prosecutor’s Office
Newspaper Kviris Kronika in relation to the case of photo-reporters published transcript of the hidden video-recording.  Newspaper claims that in the recording, two officers of the CSD (Constitutional Security Department) request photo-reporter Giorgi Abdaladze first and then Zurab Kurtsikidze to change lawyers.

“Balance Violation Remaining main Problem of TV-Companies” - Report
Charter of Journalistic Ethics and Slovak Organization Memo 98 publicized the Summery Report on pre-election media monitoring 22 November.

Quality and Purpose of Political Advertisements
What is necessary for good advertisement - much money and good PR-specialist? Very often, number of votes at the elections relies on these two factors. One the one hand there is balance and number of pre-election advertisements (how many minutes were spent on advertisements of each political party) and on the other hand there is quality of advertisements prepared by political parties.
TV Advertisements in the Post-Election Period
After the parliamentary election, number of social advertisements has significantly decreased in TV-Companies; political advertisemetns are not aired at all. However, an interesting tendency was observed on Kavkasia, TV9 and Maestro – number and length of commercial advertisements increased.

Announcements of Moambe, Politicians’ Wifes and Balance on Public Broadcaster
Soon, The Human Rights Center will finish media-monitoring of parliamentary elections, which covered not only pre-election but post-election period too, in accordance to the project agreement.

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Vanished people – “Never forget me”
Grandma disappeared a month ago. 73-years-old grandma joined the list of missing people; she disappeared from her own yard, in her native village.
Disbelief based on partiality Reality is different
Fragile Peace in Balkans


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?


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