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International Election Observation Mission on Improved Pre-Election Media Environment
International election observation mission, having conducted monitoring of the 27 October Presidential Election in Georgia,consider the media environment more open than during the 2012 elections and journalists are noted as covering major political events in a more inclusive manner, reads the statement of preliminary findings and conclusions released on October 28.
Charter of Journalistic Ethics Responds to Violations of Journalists’ Rights During Election Day-Statement
The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics has been attentively supervising the work of the media on the election day. Despite the fact that the October 27 elections have been conducted much more peacefully, compared to the previous elections, still there have been identified facts of interfering with the journalistic activity, pressuring and abuse, which is outrageous according to the Charter’s viewpoint.
Regulation for Media Activities in Polling Stations Were Simplified
Central Election Commission (CEC) simplified the strict regulations for the media representatives. According to the amendments, representative of media organization can enter the polling station several times and freely move inside during ten minutes, prepare video-footage and then start photo and video-recording from the place specially allocated for media by the Commission Chairman.

Nino Burjanadze Refuses to Participate in Presidential Debates on GPB Channel 1
Nino Burjanadze, presidential candidate of Democratic Movement –United Georgia said no to taking part in the Presidential Debates on Channel 1 of the Georgian Public Broadcasting (GPB), reads the statement released by the political union on October 17. An application was lodged to the public broadcaster too.

Media Continues Providing Balanced Coverage of Elections- Second Interim Report of Journalistic Ethics Charter
Today, October 21, Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics published the second interim report (September 16- October 10) of a media-monitoring of media outlets. According to the results of the monitoring, the media in general continues providing balanced coverage of the elections. The major part of the media spares relatively less time on the government, while other part of the media has increased the amount of time dedicated to the coverage of political parties and political candidates. The televisions allot the biggest part of their time to covering Georgian Dream and United National Movement(UNM).
Adjara TV and Radio Board of Advisers Confirms Candidates Presented by Georgian Dream
The Supreme Council of Adjara AR has confirmed, in the selective contest of the Board of Advisers of GPB’s Adjara TV and Radio, the candidates presented by the Georgian Dream, Georgian Dream-Adjara and Georgian Dream- Free Democrats- Zaza Khalvashi, Giorgi Iremadze and Rusudan Imedashvili.
Palitra TV has violated ethical principles – Charter of Journalistic Ethics
Shorena Kalandia representative of Tsiuri Bakaradze (Kvaratskhelia) complained against Palitra TV journalist Maka Kobalia at the Charter of Journalistic Ethics of Georgia for a video-footage recorded without permission.  Maka Kobalia made a video-report for Palitra TV showing how mother looked after her son deceased 18 years ago. 
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