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Zviad Kobaladze – the Last Georgian Military Hostage in Tskhinvali
According to the reliable information, 11 Georgian prisoners are in Tskhinvali prison now. All of them were kidnapped in different situations after Russian-Georgian armed conflict. There is only one exception, who was arrested during the armed conflict in August of 2008. He is Zviad Kobaladze, cousin of General Koba Kobaladze, who was arrested on the third day of the war.

I Am Looking Forward to Forgetting the War … (I am Looking forward To Starting War)
When I learned at school, we had one subject on the time-table - “military lesson”.  I remember only entertainment from those lessons. Our teacher was former military servant who did not recognize girls. He taught boys how to fall gun into pieces and then compose again. Besides that, this process was always followed by laughing. The teacher, whose name and face I do not remember, was very serious person but we became unserious having seen the gun. In short, when I try to recall those lessons, I have vague but pleasant feeling because I see the smiling faces of the boys with arms.

Back in the USSR
Statement of the president of Georgia about introduction of military education in public schools of Georgia means to restore forms and practice of the soviet ideology.

Year for Great Military Thrill and Replacements
Despite several unpromising prognosis, Georgia went through 2009 without war. However, similar situation can hardly be lasting peace. Replacement of military units and maneuvers lasted all year long – they dug underground truncheons around Tbilisi and Mtskheta. They filled in the military warehouses. Simultaneously, the Minister of Defense was replaced again and the country underwent so-called military mutiny.

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Another proposal on agreement
The society knows that since December 2017 I have a court dispute with the Tbilisi City Hall and the Georgian Water Distribution Company
Women – victims of violence
Life in a World of Doubt and Mistrust


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?


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