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What is the Value of Georgian Soldier? A Mere 65 GEL for his Children
Koba Sergia, commander of the battalion # 41 within under Brigade # 4 of the Georgian armed forces was killed during the August Georgian-Russian war.. He was killed on August 9, 2008 during military operations near the village of Nikozi, South Ossetia. His relatives have been looking for him for 3 months. It was learned that Sergia was one of those soldiers who were buried on Mukhatgverdi Cemetery of Unknown Soldiers. The soldier 27/27 was identified only after a conclusive DNA test was conducted. He left two young sons behind and a grieving wife. His wife does not appreciate that the lost of her husband is rewarded by the government a mere 65 – the value of a fallen Georgian hero.

“For-All-Sides” Lack of Impartial Information about Georgian-Abkhazian Clashes
The situation is becoming tenser day-by-day in the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict zone. Armed clashes have become permanent along the entire perimeter of the administrative border. Military operations are conducted almost every day and it ends with or without victims; peaceful civilians are the most likely to be injured in this war of nerves. Matters are made worse since there is a lack of impartial information as to why these incidents continue to occur and understanding who stands behind all these incidents. 

Details of Policeman’s Murder
On November 15 thirty-three-year-old Zurab Jejelava, officer of the division # 2 of the Main Department for Special Unit within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, died as a result of the double-fire at the Georgian-Abkhazian administrative border. Abkhazian band formations opened fire at Georgian law enforcers at the village of Pakhulani in Tsalenjikha district when they were patrolling in the direction of the village of Kalaghali. Armed militants took hostages among local inhabitants and disappeared from the scene of crime.

Family of Murdered Soldier Is Threatened
The family of Roin Shavadze, soldier who was first tortured and then murdered has been offered money in exchange for keeping quiet about the case.  Otherwise it is claimed that either drugs or weapon will planted on family members, or they will become the victims of some accident. Tsitsino Shavadze, wife of the murdered soldier, and her brother have already shared information about the brutal threats with the prosecutor’s office of the Adjara Autonomous Republic. Yesterday, Sozar Subari, Georgian Public Defender, visited the family.
Disaster Preparedness and Civil Defense Response Doesn’t Work in Georgia
IDPs from Tskhinvali region retell how they had to abandon their houses escape from the approaching occupants through alternative side roads. People in Tbilisi were also in a state of  panicked too  explosions; the situation was particularly tensed on August 11 when the motor-way Tbilisi-Kakheti region was so overcrowded that people could not move because of the traffic. The war demonstrated that civil security is working in Georgia at all. What does emergency response mean? Who should be responsible for responding to such situations and what danger do people face if the state does not have proper civil response system in emergency situations?

A Reservist Story of Survival in South Ossetia
“If I had implemented at least the one-third of the orders commanders gave us, we would not have had this conversation…”

It was night of August 8 and the war had just started. The streets of Gori were dark and reservists were sitting on the pavement in the street. They still tell stories how commanders left them without attention; how they had been provided with inferior weapons. They were now hungry and did not know what to expect in the nearest future. Here we represent the story of one twenty-three-year-old Gurami, a reservist in the Georgian army.

Casualties: 215 Killed 1, 469 Wounded in Georgian-Russian Conflict
As a result of Russian aggressive actions in Georgia, and based on current data, 215 people were killed and 1,469 are wounded; 70 people are still missing. Givi Targamadze, the chairman of the Defense and Security Committee of the Georgian Parliament reported this information to the journalists after the Commission for the Search of Killed and Mission during the Conflict was especially established. However, witnesses of the military operations claim that the number of victims is actually much larger.

Russian Provide Safety to Residents of Anaklia from Bombing Raid
It might sound incredible but it is factual: residents of the Black Seaside village were escaping the fallen bombs from Russian aircraft and they were able to find shelter at the check point that belongs to Russian forces. On August 10, in parallel to Russian bombing raids, Russian soldiers deployed in the center of the village of Anaklia opened the iron gate of their checkpoint in order to provide protection to the locals. Russian soldiers were recording the event on video and photo cameras in order to demonstrate their human behavior. Residents of Anaklia, however, considered the display of mercy of Russian soldiers as being something that was not a true act of altruism, and was rather a cynic act more suited to PR than humanitarian grounds. 

City of Ghosts, Bombing of Gori, and Georgian Villages: Carnage, Death and Destruction
Special Frontline Report

Life can only be experienced from 10:00 AM to 6:00 Pm in the abandoned city of Gori. Russian soldiers are strolling along the streets in Gori in the morning and in the evenings. People, who holed up in the basements of residential flats are jittery and react on the smallest noise, even a mouse.  During the day you can see an elderly woman or man hurriedly going home.  Regardless that the Russian occupants have not do anything harmful to innocent civilians during recent few days, people are still not content see Russian soldiers in Gori.

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