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“Law Enforcers Are not Interested to Investigate Criminal Cases on the Accidents of November 7”
Victims, Nika Didishvili and Vakhtang Inasaridze, have been in hospital since November 7. www.humanrights.ge has already published article about their situation. 
Family of Victim of Accident in Turkey Blame Bus Driver
Zviad Abuseridze was injured in a car accident in Samsun, Turkey on December 13 of last year. Ever since he has been chained to his bed and is in need of an immediate operation abroad. His family cannot afford his operation and demands the driver to be held responsible.

Foti Population Protest Processing of Aluminum Oxide in Foti Port
Population has been protesting the processing of aluminum oxide, bauxite and other substances in the Foti Port for many years already. The contraversy on how harmful those substances are for the health is still too actual for the population and Foti Sea Port Ltd.
Patients Accuse Doctor of Non-Professionalism
Patients accuse proctologist Lali Kitesashvili, a doctor at the Gurjaani District Hospital, of non-professionalism. Several of them demand the doctor to reimburse them for their expenses for their repeated operations and are about to bring a suit to the court against her. The victimized people requested the Regulation Agency for Medical Activities within the Georgian Ministry of Health to revoke the doctor’s license of Kitesashvili.

“I Can’t Believe That There Were no Casualties”
Hospitals are now overcrowded after the mass tear gas poisoning yesterday. The Human Rights Center tried to visit injured people in the hospital, but was not allowed entry to Republic hospital to interview patients. The reason given was one without precedent: There was not enough room given the number of people being treated there.
Residents of the Georgian-Ossetian Village of Khurvaleti Recieve no Support for their Demands for Water
The Public School in the village of Khurvaleti in the Gori district risks closure as the number of pupils in the school decreases. Ossetian children attend Ossetian schools because they receive presents there.
We Need Fresh Air – Khoni Psychiatric Institution Requires Attention
At 6 o’clock in the evening, next to the on-duty doctor, a guard and some administrative personnel stay at the institution. There is silence. Everybody is busy with their specific tasks. Dinner and walking are over and all of the staff and patients spend their time differently before going to bed.

Rain is a Miracle near Akhaltsikhe
“We are gathering the water in big tanks. After keeping it for a long time it stinks and we drink fetid water.” People suffer without water. Outside the town of Akhaltsikhe, there is a small settlement centered around an old railway luggage station. This tiny hamlet has suffered from a lack of water for the last ten years. The railway luggage station is three kilometers away from Akhaltsikhe and people have been living in the area since 1961. The residents of this area wash their laundry with rainwater.

The Anaklian Farmers are not Going to Hand Over their Land
The population of the village situated by the Black Sea coast demonstrates in front of the regional municipality building against the attempts to take their land away. The Anaklian population opposes the selling of 25 hectares of land by auction, as they have been using the land for years. The Anaklian farmers are planning to hold a demonstration in Tbilisi in front of the building of the State Chancellery and they are requesting to meet the president.

In Zugdidi Mother Locked Mentally Disabled Daughter in Dark Room
Mother locked Ketevan Kurua in dark room three years ago and put wooden holt on the door. She wanted to protect her ill daughter in this way. Thirty-two-year-old woman is fighting the serious disease for seven years in vain. She has paranoiac schizophrenia. Mother, Tsiala Kvatania does not want to place her daughter in mental hospital. She is afraid that the young woman will be killed with injection at hospital.
Bloody Patient Spent Whole Night Tied Up
Thirty-four-year-old Vartan Gasparian will be discharged from Asatiani Mental Hospital on October 8. His family members claim that it is dangerous to keep him in the family-he threw down his ill mother on the floor short time ago. The woman has insult and she cannot get out of the bed. There is nobody to look after the mentally disabled person at home. As for medical personnel of the hospital, they state that according to the new law they cannot keep the patient in hospital more than forty-five days.
Lemonade “Imedi” Is Produced in Anti-Sanitary
Individual Entrepreneur, Otar Kaikatsishvili has rented part of the building of Sanitary Supervision Department in Rustaveli Street # 138 in Kobuleti. Kaikatsishvili produces lemonade “Imedi” in one room and bath-room in unhygienic conditions. According to the Georgian Legislation, before 2009, Service Office for Food Safety and Quality does not have right to raid enterprises.
“Chamber VI”-Patients Are Beaten in Mental Hospitals
If you hear somewhere that a nurse took off a slipper and hit a patient, don’t think that it is a rumor. It is true story and similar facts happen in Georgia in XXI Century.
Garbage in the Supermarket of Akhaltsikhe
Territory of Akhaltsikhe Super Market is full of garbage. Nobody pays any attention to such situation and that is why, it is possible that in the nearest future it will turn into the place of spreading of tuberculosis.
Akhaltsikhe Population Cannot Pay Twenty One Lari for Rabies Injection
“The injection costs twenty one Lari at clinic. In case of biting, patient needs at least three injections. I could not afford it and I ran a risk. I checked the dog every day- if he was alive or not. Fortunately, the dog survived ‘, - says Otar Atskurishvili, who was bitten by a street dog.
Who Protects the Rights of Doctors and Patients?
Center for Patient’s Rights within the Public Defender’s Office was established more than a year ago. Irma Manjavidze, an expert –in-chief for the center, considers the best solution of the situation is to inform doctors and patients about their rights. What are the main complaints of patients when they apply to the Patient’s Rights Center within the Public Defender’s Office? What is the situation regarding the patients’ rights in regions? Do doctors know their rights better than patients?-these are questions the Human Rights Center asked Irma Manjavidze.
Diseased Population Urges for Help
On September 10 2004 great amount of petrol and gas exploded in the village of Ninotsminda in the Sagarejo District. The accident on the oil well # 100 of the Oil Company Canargo-Georgia lasted three days. As a result 220 acres of forest was destroyed. The water and the earth were polluted in the area. Population was poisoned with gas. Breast, throat and skin cancer has spread in several villages. Local people complain that the number of death facts has increased.
Village of Uflistsikhe Faces the Danger of Epidemics
Population of the village of Uflistsikhe in Gori District still faces the danger of epidemics. The problem originated from the canalization system which is out-of-order. In summer, after permanent rains, excrement leaks out of the overfull canalization system and reaches the yards and wells of the villagers.
Actifed – cheap option for a high
Drug addicts in Gori found a new practice for the safe cough medicine for children – Actifed. After mixing Actifed with Russian Aspirin this medicine becomes narcotic.
Microbes in Drinking Water
Adigeni district population drinks polluted water that is full of microbes. The assumptive level of drinking water is identified with the number of 10. While in Adigeni is has reached 460 that is 46 times as much as the norm.
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