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Girl with Leukemia Looks Forward to Assistance
Sopio Shengelia has leukemia, a terrible blood disease. Thrombocytopenia was initially detected in her blood at the age of three. Now she is 22 and her health condition is critical. A long period of chemotherapy has damaged her body organs. The family of Shengelias cannot afford surgical operations or medical treatments for her diseased organs and her blood disease.

Treatment Denied to Patents
The Interventional Medical Center of West Georgia refuses to treat the patients who need scheduled medical examination and in spite of them having medical insurance. The reason for this is that ALDAGI BCI, the insurance company has 350, 000 GEL in debt to the Medical Centre.

Hanging onto the Edge of Life…
Cancer Patients Can’t Afford Medical Treatment

As a result of amendments to the healthcare system, so-called reforms, those suffering sick cancer are facing death. The formerly existing system of medical assistance for such patients envisaged that the government would offset 70% of the cost of treatment, which has now been canceled. Only several concrete programs will be funded by the state after the amendments planned in the Ministry of Healthcare. Co-financing program will still work for the patients over 60; as for younger people, they will not be able to involve this category and they will have to pay their treatment. According to official statistics, the number of such patients is just over one in three, 35 % of all Georgians.

Measles Vaccination Scandal Results from Misleading Media Reports
210 people were injected with measles vaccine at the policlinics # 26; 180 people were injected on the second day; 22 were injected on the third day and 6 more on the third… the number of people that were being vaccinated had been reduced each day.  The reason for the changes was that TV has carried stories about the children who ended up in hospital after being vaccinated. Consequently, many people became afraid about the measles vaccine and did not trust that it was safe and they would not have complications themselves.

“Great Plan of Health Reform” 300 Medical Jobs Cut in Zugdidi”
According to the April 10, 2007 resolution of the Georgian Minister of Economical Development four medical institutions in Zugdidi were purchased by Ltd “Block Georgia”  for symbolic price 1000 USD within the scheme of the “Great Plan for the Development of Hospital Sector”. Zugdidi central hospital was one among the four purchased institutions in the region. This deal was completed in spite of the fact that the doctors are said to have owned 10 % of the shares of this hospital. Consequently, the minority stockholders are protesting the purchase, and they have already organized two protest demonstrations in an effort to protect their rights.

Human Rights Still Abused Regardless of Changes in Mental Health Institutions
Despite changes and implemented reforms in mental hospitals human rights of patients are still being abused in Georgia. Various facts of torture and inhuman treatment are still being observed at various mental health institutions throughout the country. On the World Mental Health Day the Georgian Public Defender’s office organized a presentation of reports submitted from the Civil Council of Human Rights Monitoring when it comes to the situation in mental health institutions. The reports described the situation that patients face in mental hospitals accompanying recommendations are provided. 

Upper Abkhazia IDPs Needs Urgent Medical Treatment
Nikipore Samsiani, an IDP from Upper Abkhazia, has not been able to move around for several days because of a serious illness. He is a middle-aged man, who has found shelter in the building of an old cooperative as result of being forced from his home in the recent war between Georgian and Abkhaz separatists.  He continues to clings to hope that one “fine day” the government of Georgia will finally pay attention to his unfilled medical needs.  A certificate issued by the medical centre at the beginning of September confirms that Samsiani must be immediately receiving medical treatment and requires an urgent operation.

War Always Stays in Mind of Georgians
You will not notice anything strange at the entrance of the Tbilisi Central Hospital. It is doubtiful that you would even be able to guess that Georgia is on war footing. You should taken another entrance; on the other side where the tablet on the door states “Receptionist” - there you will see things in another light. People are standing in groups and they are not looking at each other. They are just standing in utter msilence. Some of they are looking up familiar names on the lists on the wall…everybody’s face reflects the horrors of war. You can hear somebody crying as we also heard…. A young boy was sitting at a street guard post was also crying loudly behind the post…it is hard to enter there. Naturally we are afraid… we did not say anything to each other. All what happened was not necessary; everything is clear. Finally we looked at each other and entered.…
MD Prisoner Hunger Striking in Zugdidi Prison # 4 over Death of Patient
Yesterday Soso Makatsaria, a surgeon of Senaki Central Hospital started hunger striking in Zugdidi Prison # 4. Soso Makatsaria’s trial was held yesterday. He sentenced to two months of preliminary detention. The law enforcers took him into custody directly from the court room. Soso Makatsaria was charged with accidentally ending a persons life because of carelessness, a crime prescribed described under Part I of Article 116 of the Criminal Code of Georgia. Kartlos Esebua was injured in a car accident 10 months ago. Makatsaria proceeded to operate on him. The patient died in five hours after having been placed in the intensive care unit. The doctor pleads not guilty and now plans to appeal the court decision to the Court of Appeals.

Out-Patient Clinics Being Brought Into Shape in the Samtskhe-Javakheti Region
“An out-patient clinic in every village,” this was the pre election slogan from the National Movement. The winning party’s promise is now in the implementation stage. However, this process is accompanied with some problems and various misunderstandings.  In Soviet times every village had its out-patient clinic. The doctors could offer not only full first medical aid but could also handle the delivery of babies.

Doctors Sitting on Time Bombs and Majority Might Lose Jobs to Hospital Reforms
Journalistic Survey

Prior to the implementation of the reforms in medical sphere a serious campaign was launched against medical doctors. Everybody should recall the information that was constantly being delivered each and everyday Georgian TV Stations. Various doctors were being blamed for the death or mistreatment of their patients. Doctors claim that similar incidents are not rare but this information was announced publicly when it became convenient for the vested interests of some. 

Never-Ending Saga of “Flogged Off” - Transferred Hospitals
Will the Government Hold its Ground to “Medical Revolution”?

The implementation of general plan on hospital network development was followed by much heated controversy. Many publications were dedicated to this issue and many discussions have been held. However, the results of “large scaled” flogging off of medical facilities for the whole of Georgia hasn’t been yet realized. The purpose of our writing is attempt is to attempt to show the positions of all the range of stakeholders, as well as to predict and influence the overall situation that might follow the “big deals” made in the field of medical and the health implications. Doctors are predicting that there will be a “Medical Revolution”. This is understandable, especially since many of them will become jobless as a direct result of this massive privatization.

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