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IC Group after Aditi – Medical Personnel Continue Protest against Insurance Companies
Medical personnel of the Khashuri district medical emergency service blocked central motorway connecting Eastern and Western Georgia. They tried to attract the attention of the government. Medical personnel request Insurance Company IC Group to pay their four months’ salary arrears.
Number of Women with HIV/AIDs Increasing in Georgia
According to the recent surveys in Georgia, number of women with HIV Infection has increased. 113 out of 443 patients revealed in 2013 are women. 85 of them died.
Progress, Shortcomings Reviewed on Human Rights Day
On the International Human Rights Day, December 10, Public Defender and some rights groups highlighted main trends in Georgia’s human rights protection over the past one year, noting progress, but also pointing at problems and challenges.
Meeting between the Representatives of Human Rights Center and Medical Unit of the Penitentiary Establishment
On December 4, representatives of the Human Rights Center met senior officials of the Medical Unit at the Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance. During the meeting, lawyers of the Human Rights Center updated the ministry’s representatives with the detailed information about the problems of their clients. 
Personnel of Medical Emergency Unit and Doctors of Outpatients Intend to File Resignation Notices
Personnel of medical emergency unit and doctors outpatients held warning demonstration in Lanchkhuti. They told humanrights.ge that reason of their demonstration is salary arrears. 
Population Urge for Medical Examination in Kazreti
Population of Kazreti small town states they are sparrows but swallows have already flown to better places. Those, who had chance left houses and moved to ecologically healthier environment. 
Illegally Constructed Platform for Alkali Treatment in Sakdrisi
Nobody had issued permission on the construction of Platform for Alkali Treatment in Sakdrisi though it is functioning. Environmental organizations provided the Ministry of Environment with the information about the platform in August, 2013. However, nothing has changed yet and the platform still functions. On November 22, Green Alternative requested clarifications about the issue at the meeting on the Sakdrisi case at the Environmental Ministry.
Medical Personnel Organized Warning Assembly in Guria
Jewish Company Adit purchased medical centers in Lanchkhuti and Chokhatauri districts two years ago and took responsibility to arrange modern hospitals in both districts. However, medical personnel have not received salaries for a long time already.
Human Rights Center Presented Report on the Research on Psychiatric Institutions in Georgia
On August 6, Human Rights Center presented its report “Research on Psychiatric Institutions in Georgia – Problems, Needs, Recommendations”. Executive Director of Human Rights Center Aleko Tskitishvili said the research revealed many urgent problems in psychiatric institutions of Georgia.
Treatment of C-Hepatitis to Launch at Penitentiary Establishments
In autumn of 2013, C Hepatitis Treatment Program will be launched in penitentiary establishments of Georgia. Together with the Ministries of Penitentiary and Healthcare, civil society was also involved in the development of the program. In the frame of the project, five hundred inmates will take free medical treatment during first year. Experts hope, the process will go beyond penitentiary system and patients outside the prisons will also have right to take free medical treatment. 
Ministry of Labor Health and Social Affairs of Georgia Took into Account Recommendation of the Public Defender of Georgia
Ministry of Labor Health and Social Affairs of Georgia took into account recommendation of the Public Defender of Georgia concerning availability of infusion for patients suffering from hemophilia and notified the Public Defender that Ministry will adopt a regulation concerning this type of cases in medical institutions.
Georgian Orthodox Church Calls for Anti-Abortion Law
Patriarch of the Georgian Orthodox Church, Ilia II, has called on the Georgian authorities in his Easter epistle for adopting anti-abortion law, saying that it would contribute to resolving country’s “grave demographic situation.”

Child Dead of Starvation
One year old Gogita Abashidze died of starvation. Although five-member family lived in extreme poverty, they could not get social aid.  There are 2 more children in the Abashidzes’ family - 2 and 5 years old sister and brother.

Recommendation of Public Defender of Georgia to the Common Courts
On January 10, 2013 Representatives of the Centre for Disability Rights of the Office of Public Defender of Georgia visited Tbilisi City Court in order to attend the hearing of the case of Koba Nadiradze, a person with disability and an executive director of the “Youth Centre for Independent Life”, NGO working on disability issues.

Will the appointment of the candidate judges nominated by the Supreme Council of Justice for life-long term in the Supreme Court strengthen justice?
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