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Signs of Hidden Advertisements in Music Clips
Media Monitoring of Parliamentary Elections, implemented by Human Rights Center, revealed signs of hidden advertisements in music clips and advertisements of unidentified status which were aired by various TV-channels before the elections. Those clips and advertisements are: “I Love Racha,” “Anaklia Is Eager to Welcome You,” “Undefeated Energy of Freedom,” an advertisement about the launch of flights from Kutaisi airport and a song by Sopo Nizharadze,  “When we danced”.

Political Advertisements Are No Longer Aired by TV-Companies – Periodic Report of the Human Rights Center’s Media-Monitoring
On October 16, Human Rights Center held press-conference “Media Monitoring of Parliamentary Elections” in the hotel Tbilisi Marriott and presented results of the monitoring period September 10-October 7.

Georgian Dream Requests Re-Counting of Votes in Every PS in Martvili District
Georgian Dream states that results of the parliamentary elections in Martvili district must be recounted and results in some polling stations must be annulled. Activists claim Coalition and their majoritarian candidate Murtaz Khurtsilava lost elections in the district because of faked results.

Georgian Dream Requests to Annul Registration of Giorgi Gviniashvili
Georgian Dream’s majoritarian candidate in Gurjaani Manana Berikashvili sued United National Movement’s majoritarian candidate in Gurjaani at the court for voter-buying and requested to annul his registration.

“Democracy Test” – Authority Changed via Elections in Georgia
On October 1 Parliamentary Elections were held in Georgia. It was first elections throughout twenty-year-long independence history of the country when opposition parties obtained authority through elections: Bidzina Ivanishvili- Georgian Dream gained 54, 85% of votes and United National Movement – 40, 43%. Before, governments were changed in Georgia either via armed coup [so-called Tbilisi civil war in 1991-1992] or through revolution [Rose Revolution in 2003].

Violations in Final Protocols of the Special Polling Stations
Out of total 104 polling stations and 4 special polling stations in Batumi Election District # 79 National Movement won elections only in 6 ones; three of them were special polling stations.

According to coalition, Kakha Kaladze won majoritarian elections in Samtredia
On October 1, during the elections, there was a difficult situation in number 18 district election commission because 10 designated ballots were discovered at number 21 polling station.  Avto Lomaia, the Head of the district commission, went there to investigate the problem.

2012 televised political advertisements
Political TV-advertisements are one of the most effective methods of introducing voters to the election program of each political party. The clearer and more convincing the pre-election promises of political parties, the more chance they have to win elections. However, at the same time, election promises must be realistic and relevant to the main needs of population.

Hunger Strikes Protesting against Election Falsification in Gardabani
Members of the coalition Georgian Dream are demanding justice in front of the Gardabani district administration building. This is the inscription on the banner behind which there are two tents pitched.

Voters Delayed During Commission Members’ Lunch
Polling Station # 73 in Batumi was opened in a classroom in a public school. The room was too small for voters when the process was observed by about 30 observers and party representatives. The PS was particularly noisy after it was opened.

Scandal: Did Georgia pay money to Swedish Foreign Minister?!
Swedish media started investigating the cooperation between their foreign minister Carl Bildt and the Georgian government. Articles about this issue appeared after the world learned about the situation in Georgian prisons. A leading and authoritative newspaper in Sweden, Aftonbladet, published an article with the headline: “Carl Bildt Turned Georgia into His PR Company's Client.”

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