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Bakradze’s Pre-Election Campaign in Batumi Finished with Detention of Three People
“Presidential candidate of the United National Movement Davit Bakradze addressed the Batumi residents from the stage installed nearby the UNM's office in Batumi. Before the meeting, law enforcement officers arrested three former political prisoners in the area. Merab Gorgadze, Jemal Duadze and Jimsher Kurtskhalidze were detained when they tried to approach Bakradze and ask question. 
Violator Election Administration Members Were Re-Elected in Commissions
People, dismissed from the election commissions after the results from November 3, 2008 Adjara Supreme Council Election were annulled, were re-re-employed in the Khelvachauri and Batumi District Election Commissions. For example, Ilia Tskhadadze was selected by the CEC as a DEC member. In 2008, he was fired from the position of the DEC Chairman after the election results were annulled in Khelvachauri.
Misuse of Administrative Resources in Shida Kartli
Representatives of the nongovernmental organizations observed several facts of the misuse of administrative resources in Gori. Representatives of the Gori office of the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association spoke about the violation when presenting next interim report on the election monitoring. 
Margvelashvili’s Pre-Election in Adjara
Margvelashvili started his pre-election meetings in Adjara from Kobuleti. Due to bad weather, the meeting was organized in the hall of the Hotel Inturisti. Children in the Coalition’s t-shirts met the presidential candidate and gave a basket with sweets and fruit to him. Minister of Healthcare of Georgia Davit Sergeenko introduced the Presidential Candidate to the voters from Kobuleti.
From Elections to Elections – People Evaluate Current Situation in the Country
Coalition Georgian Dream positively evaluates past one year after the 2012 Parliamentary Elections under their governance.
Pre-election Campaign in Working Hours or Reporting to the Heads of Residential Buildings?!
Chairman of Rustavi City Council Kakha Gurgenidze was member of the former ruling political party. For the past two weeks, almost every day, he meets heads of residential buildings in Rustavi during working hours. The meetings are organized by the non-profit illegal entity Rustavi Korpusi. The entity is funded from the local budget and tries to resolve problems of residential buildings in Rustavi.
Criteria for Gori Residents to Elect President
According to the Central Election Commission, 23 candidates were registered for 2013 Presidential Elections. The Election Day is approaching and Gori population is preparing to elect preferable candidate. Humanrights.ge interviewed voters in Gori and tried to find out what criteria work for them to elect the presidential candidate.
Bidzina Ivanishvili: “Ladies and Gentlemen, I assure you, the country will have the government Ilia Chavchavadze dreamt of”
“We must not forget that we live in the homeland of Ilia Chavchavadze. I assure you that you will have the government, Ilia dreamt of and all his and out ancestors’ dreams will come true. We will restore our dignity and succeed to make every next year better than previous. The next year will be better and real economic development will start in Georgia,” Bidzina Ivanishvili addressed to the people gathered in Telavi.
“Parties Unified Against Burjanadze” – Representatives of Burdjanadze’s Election Office Claim
Members of Lanchkhuti district office of the presidential candidate Nino Burjanadze blame the members of the Margvelashvili’s election office in harmonic relationship with the United National Movement’s members. They state members of the Georgian Dream and United National Movement jointly attend trainings in the precinct election commission.
Data Cards to Be Distributed for Voters in Gori
106 polling stations are registered in Gori Election District # 32; big part of them is located in the buildings of public schools. First stage of supplying polling stations with equipment has already started. 7 out of 13 PS commission members represent political parties and 6 were selected by the DEC as a result of competition. 
Margvelashvili’s Election Office in Gori Finalize Lists of Commission Members and Observers
Georgian Dream’s Gori office works on the final version of the commission members and observers’ lists. The list shall be submitted to the District Election Commission. Several days ago, Ioseb Palelashvili was appointed to the position of the head of the local election office of Giorgi Margvelashvili, presidential candidate of the Georgian Dream. The organization changed its office and moved to the rehabilitated old district of Gori.
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