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Official Vote at Polling Station, Khelvachauri District, Adjara “Null and Void”
I came to the village Akhalsopeli Precinct # 37, Khelvachauri District, Adjara at 6:48 am on November 3, 2008. I was planning to stay here for 15 minutes only. However, this is only if I do not observe any election violations. However, taking into consideration that there was a big fight in Precinct # 37 on May 21, 2008, the day of the so-called snap Parliamentary Elections and many election violations were observed, so I thought that I would actually have had to stay here for more than 15 minutes. Surprisingly, in retrospect, however, the election results from the Precinct # 37 were not invalidated following the May 21, 2008 election – much to my surprise.

“Trust but Check-it”- Election Slogan of the National Movement
During the elections of the Supreme Council of the Adjara Autonomous Republic on November 3 people were called at home and asked whether they came to the polling stations to vote. One of the voters registered at Batumi Polling Station 23 received such a telephone call, from number 895 30 55 25. The Human Rights Center called the number and there was reply:
“It is Lana Murvanidze, a representative of the election HQ of Zaza Gogotishvili (candidate of the National Movement). Have I broken the law by making a call? Yes, I called the voter according to the election list. I just wondered whether people took part inn the elections or not. Lana Murvanidze has not exactly explained what list she was talking, and it was clear that she did not want to continue carrying-on this conversation with us.

Voters Tired of Pre-Election Promises in Adjara
On November 3, the elections of the Supreme Council of Adjara Autonomous Republic are scheduled to be held. However, there is little fanfare, as the pre-election campaign is very passive in the region. There are not any election posters on the walls in the streets as yet. People are saying that they are tired of pre-election promises.
Opposition Political Camp Receives Just Reward in Georgia!
The Office of the Georgian Public Defender protests the legislative that was initiative for the introduction of amendments and additions to the Georgian Organic Law on “Political Unions of Citizens”. Parties oppose these amendments and both claim that the amendments are in contradiction with the international law and the Georgian Constitution.

Government of Patriots or “Little People” in Shida Kartli
(Cleaner is the person who has longest working record and best professionalism in the local authority)

“Are we not working here for your benefit? Just allow us to get along with our work as we have lots to do,” … officials from the Gori authorities are  making such statements when they are presented with right to public  information  applications by representatives of the Human Rights Center. The Centre sent several scores of applications to the local authority but professional replies have not been forthcoming – and not to even a single request.  The Human Rights Centre will now send the collected materials to the Georgian Public Defender in order to request corresponding assessments of the matter and that conclusions will be made based on the presented facts.

Georgia Has Shanghaied Its Flagship of State with Rigged Elections
Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (CoE) Election Report

“I wonder if CoE are talking about the same parliamentary elections - or was this report from another country and they [CoE] used the cut and paste function in its production; it is clear that PACE didn’t see or didn’t want to see some of the more blatant violations - and it does not understand that democracy is a far cry from being alive and well in Georgia.” 

Criminals Freed in Countdown to Rampant Election Fraud
Hundreds of prisoners were released from prisons just before Parliamentary Elections on May 21, 2008 and this is no coincidence. Their early freedom was pursuant to special  plea-bargain “deals” and in some cases hardcore criminals were set free in exchange for their active involvement in the election campaign of the ruling party and the democratic process.  Many of these people condemned for a range of more serious crimes, like drug trafficking, extortion, robbery and attempted murder.
Khurcha Incident: Will the Guilty ever be punished?
Georgian law enforcers have not published any investigation materials on Khurcha incident up to present time. The incident in Khurcha occurred on May 21, 2008, on the parliamentary Election Day in Georgia. The investigation results have not been evaluated by the representatives of the peacekeeping forces operating in Georgian-Abkhazian conflict zone as well. The UN mission to the conflict zone is still reluctant to make any concrete conclusions. Representatives of Commonwealth of Independent States’ (CIS) peacekeeping forces have been the only ones to provide statements.

Worked-over: Mamuka Kvaratskhelia - Did Political Views Gets Him Beaten?
Mamuka Kvaratskhelia, UEFA In spite of the fact that those who carried out the assault were demanding money, Mamuka Kvaratskhelia is almost certain sure that he was beaten for attending the May 26 demonstration.

Five Journalists Assaulted in One Day
The CEC accredited journalists together with the independent observers and the represeintatives of the oppositional parties were beaten on May 21, 2008 Election Day in Kakheti.

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