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Elections Won by False ID Cards
 Information on usage of false ID cards in the 2008 presidential and parliamentary elections and 2010 local government elections has been spread by different sources. But the scheme of its usage – false ID cards made before elections, inclusion of these numbers in the lists of Central Election Commission, bringing citizens from different regions (to exclude the embarrassment and their recognition by others), who agreed or were forced to fulfill the order and voting with false ID cards, - was so refined that it was virtually impossible to find out about it.
Inadequate Priorities of Rustavi Local Government
62-year-old Tengiz Sanikidze asks Rustavi City Hall twenty GEL voucher for the medications: “We were told right before election that City Hall was going to give twenty GEL vouchers for the medications. I live in number 26th at the Friendship St. Every pensioner from our apartment building has been in the polyclinic. We were registered. We had to sit in a line for an hour. Then we went back to City Hall and brought the receipt from the polyclinic. We were told that we would receive vouchers, but have not received anything yet,” – states Sanikidze.
“Nobody Is Interested in the Facts of Fabrication”
In a few days, the minister of internal affairs of Georgia and chief prosecutor will receive a letter from the Kutaisi office of the Republic Party. The letter is about the violations observed in Kutaisi during the local municipal elections in 2010; the violations resulted into total falsification of the election results in Kutaisi. Nato Katamadze, the head of the Kutaisi office of the Republic Party, requests liability of those people who participated in the fabrication process.
Rezo Kakhniashvili threw eggs at Nino Burjanadze
“I witnessed how Putin called Saakashvili and strictly warned him not to start the war and bomb peacekeepers,” – stated Nino Burjanadze on August 12th in the live broadcasting of the local television company “Trialeti.” For two hours Nino Burjanadze was answering calls of the region population. This program became one of the highest rated ones according to the received calls.
“You Are Dead!” – Retired People Victimized by Election Fabrications Cannot Get Their Pensions and “Lives” Back
People are not surprised with paradoxes in Georgia. During every election dead people raise from the dead but apparently we have already put up with it; however we could not imagine that things happened vice versa too. Several retired people from Poti district could not get their pensions because they were not on the list. When they inquired the reasons the reply was astonishing – “you are dead and you cannot get pension.”
Companies Transferred Money to the National Movement on the Next Day of the Municipal Elections
Different organizations allocated sums to the United National Movement on the next day of the municipal elections. The United National Movement received and spent 14 113 411, 8 GEL for the municipal elections of May 30. It is 20 times more than the fund spent by the Christian-Democrat Movement, which took the second place in the election results and 100 times more than the funding of the Alliance for Georgia for the election campaign.
“Go Home!” on Political Grounds
Akhmeta district governor Koba Maisuradze fired specialist of the district administration Tengiz Mailashvili. The governor said Mailashvili was dismissed based on his personal statement. Mailashvili claims he wrote resignation letter under oppression. He said the district governor called him to his room and threatened him to punish him and his family members unless he wrote resignation letter.
The Human Rights Center Published Mid-Term Report on Municipal Elections
The Human Rights Center finished working on the mid-term report on municipal elections. With the financial support of the Foundation “Open Society-Georgia” the Human Rights Center monitored the elections in Samegrelo Zemo-Svaneti and Kakheti regions on May 30.
Police Regime and Nepotism in Kakheti
The new municipal boards in all eight districts of Kakheti region held first sessions. They all elected the chairpersons, their deputies and district governors. Only one application was submitted to each municipal board for the position of the district governor. Mostly the relatives of the Kakheti region deputy governor Giorgi Sibashvili were appointed to the high positions in the districts. Representatives of the opposition parties have not occupied any high positions in the region.
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