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Batumi Residents Evaluate One-Year Activities of the Government
How Batumi population evaluate the one-year period of Georgian Dream’s governance? Whether they agree that the new President, Prime Minister and Cabinet of Ministers face many challenges? Humanrights.ge interviewed people in the streets to get their answers to these questions.
Shota Murgulia To Be Interim Kutaisi Mayor
Kutaisi has new governor. Shota Murgulia, who arrived from the capital several days ago and held introductory meetings with the employees of the local self-governmental agencies, will officially act as an interim city mayor.
Snap Session at the Municipal Board and Changed Opinion of Board Members
Village attorneys and specialists will no longer be required to have high education. The relevant amendments were passed at the snap session of the Gori municipal board. Seven board members did not vote for the amendments introduced to the Resolution on Qualification Requirements of the Local Self-Governance. At the previous session, every board member requested that village attorneys had high education and the draft-amendments were not passed.
Discussion of Election Complaints Finished in Kakheti Region
No significant violations, which could cause annulment of election results in precincts, were observed in Kakheti. Commission members were either rebuked or warned for the observed minor violations.
Discussion of Complaints of Election Violations Finished in Batumi
Election results from only one Precinct # 65 in Kobuleti DEC  was annulled in Adjara during Presidential Elections of October 27. Fines were not imposed on any commission members for the violations. Members of three PECs in Batumi DEC will have their ten-day salaries deducted.
“It Is not Competition but Human Rights Violation” – Competition Participants State
The competition, announced by the city self-government body in August, 2013 after the reorganization in the Kutaisi City Hall, has not finished yet. The competition participants said the commission, chaired by Tamaz Margvelashvili, chairman of the Kutaisi City Council, drags out the process that causes their astonishment.
There Is Almost No Contact between Voters and Majoritarian MP – Presentation of Survey Results in Kutaisi
“Once in four years, during parliamentary elections, population elects their trustees in the legislative body and trusts their and their district’s problems to him. The MPs are entitled to meet electorate after elections too,” head of nongovernmental organization CIDA Zviad Devdariani told humanrights.ge. 
Pre-Election Media-Coverage – Presentation of the Monitoring Findings
Group of media-monitors think both pre-election environment and style of media activities during Presidential Elections were radically different from the last year situation. They said the pre-election media-coverage was conducted in relatively calm and balanced environment.
Avtandil Osepaishvili: “In General, Elections Were Successful”
Chairman of Kutaisi DEC # 59 Avtandil Osepaishvili said Presidential Election was held without significant violations. There were 127 election precincts and 2 special precincts in the district. The DEC finished main procedural works and is waiting for the final protocol from the Central Election Commission.
Hungry Commission Members and Commission Chairpersons Angry with Observers in Batumi
I have been observing elections since 2003. I have not missed any elections, though I had to miss it as a voter because being either an observer, or journalist covering the Election Day, I could not vote. I had more responsibility during October 27 Presidential Elections because I was leader of the mobile group of observers in Adjara. Some of our groups were observing elections for the first time.
Seal without Carve and Voter with Two Names in Guria
I love Election Day. Maybe, it is because of my zodiac and despite my surname (Mshvidoba-dze =peace), Aries influenced my love to complicated situations, when I seek solutions and try to defend others’ rights; when I speak loudly about violations and struggle for justice. I guess it is my professional skill too. My profession is full of passion.
Are there political prisoners in Georgia currently?
yes No I do not know


They wait for me in Abkhazia
Last time, I visited Abkhazia five years ago. Since then, not a day goes by without thinking about it, without missing the Abkhazian
Another proposal on agreement
Women – victims of violence


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?


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