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Poll: GD's Margvelashvili Leads, Followed by UNM's Bakradze
Asked two months before the elections whom they would like to see as the next president, 39% of likely voters named GD’s candidate Giorgi Margvelashvili, a ten-percentage point increase since June, according to a recent poll commissioned by U.S. National Democratic Institute (NDI) and released on Thursday.
Charity Organization Fined with Two Thousand Lari
Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association petitioned to the Central Election Commission [CEC] with regard to the violation of the law requirements on the pre-election campaign (agitation). The authors of the petition allege that on August 4, 2013, charity organization carried out agitation in favor of concrete political party during their charity event in Guria region; more precisely, the organization organized the charity event together with the political party and their representative made statements in support of the political party.
Concert of Bera Ivanishvili and Restricted Transport Movement in Kutaisi
On September 24, Bera Ivanishvili gave a concert in one of the rehabilitated old districts of Kutaisi to support Giorgi Margvelashvili, presidential candidate of the Georgian Dream.
Pre-Election Media Environment in Shida Kartli
Two TV-Companies, one radio station, two newspapers and one news agency operate in Shida Kartli region. In addition to that, there are budget-funded periodicals in all four districts in the region, which mostly highlight projects/activities implemented by the local government and announcements about tenders in the districts.
Leader of People’s Party Met Electorate in Gori
On September 12, presidential candidate Koba Davitashvili met electorate in Gori district. The meeting was organized in the yard of the local office of the People’s Party. Candidate Koba Davitashvili presented details of his pre-election program and future plans to the population. 
“It Is Violation” – CSOs Respond to the Party Meeting in the District Administration
Representatives of the Georgian civil society organizations evaluated participation of the head of local office of the Georgian Dream in the session of the Kaspi district administration, where he addressed to the employees to quit jobs, as oppression on the personnel. Representatives of the Fair Elections [ISFED], Transparency International – Georgia and Human Rights Center made comments about it.
Controversy at Lanchkhuti District Office of the Georgian Dream Continues
Two days before Giorgi Margvelashvili’s visit to Lanchkhuti district, attorney of Aketi village Gulnara Chichua threatened with burning herself. She opposed Gogi Kheladze, head of the election HQ of the Georgian Dream’s presidential candidate in Lanchkhuti; Kheladze was introduced to local population several days ago in Georgian Dream’s Lanchkhuti office.
“It was political game turned into contraversy, in which I refused to participate,” former Kutaisi City Mayor made first comment
On September 11, Kutaisi again remained without mayor. After vacation, Dimitry Kopalyani resigned from the position and surprised people with his decision. People hoped he would remain on the position as a mayor elected via competition; however long negotiation with local officials in his office disappointed people on September 11.
After Elections, 628 Public Servants Were Dismissed in Kakheti
After the parliamentary elections of October 1, 2012, 628 public servants were dismissed from local self-government bodies in the Kakheti region before July 15, 2013. Among them, 389 persons quitted jobs based on their personal resignation; in parallel with it, 679 new persons were employed at the districts administrations and municipal boards. 
Kareli District Former Interim Governor to Appeal Court for Dismissal
Kareli district former interim governor intends to appeal the court. On September 9, at the press-conference in Gori Democracy Engagement Center, Emiko Peikrishvili announced his intention to appeal the court. 
Session of Keda Municipal Board Failed Eighth Time
Because of insufficient quorum session of Keda municipal board failed eight times. Board members do not attend the session on purpose to fail it because election of a new district governor is on the agenda. 
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