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Election complaints about unbalanced protocols were not satisfied
In relation with the 2016 Parliamentary Elections, several opposition political parties lodged election complaints to the courts about unbalanced final protocols; however the court did not satisfy any of them. As opposition political party members say the elections were fabricated. 
Big Part of Administrative Complaints on Election Violations Was Not Satisfied
National Democratic Institute (NDI) reported that the questions about partiality and consistency of the review mechanism of the complaints about election violations during 2016 Parliamentary Elections was one of the main problems. NGOs speak about narrow clarifications of the election law and tendency of rejecting the complaints. 
Will political parties be fined or not?
More than one month has passed since the first and second rounds of the Parliamentary Elections in Georgia. However, in the streets of the capital and not only, the agitation posters of political parties are still hanging. In accordance to the Election Code of Georgia, election subjects are obliged to remove agitation materials within 15 days timeframe after final results of the elections are officially published.
Family and Business-Partners of the Gurjaani district single mandate MP donated 290 000 GEL to the Georgian Dream
Signle mandate candidate of the Georgian Dream in Gurjaani municipality Davit Songulashvili won the 2016 Parliamentary Elections. He gained 78.54% of votes in the second round. He is member of the parliamentary committee on economics and economic policy and the fraction Georgian Dream. In October, 2016 the family and business partners of Davit Songulashvili donated 290 000 GEL to the Georgian Dream.  

Majority of political parties closed their offices in the regions
In Shida Kartli, political parties closed down their offices in the region after the parliamentary elections. Nowadays, only two political parties have regional offices in Gori – Georgian Dream and the United National Movement.

Kaspi Municipality Budget to Be 9 732 200 GEL in 2017
Kaspi municipality administration drafted the 2017 budget, which amounted to 9 732 200 GEL and submitted to the municipality board for the consideration on November 18.  The majority of the municipal board members voted for the draft of the 2017 budget and it was approved. The board members from the opposition parties did not support the budget because they did not have time to review the budget in details. 
Vice-speakers and chairs of the committees in the 9th convocation of the Parliament are already appointed
“I wish to have less radicalism and more truth in the Parliament of Georgia. I will do my best to promote further development of the parlamentarism in Georgia and to guarantee the right of each MP to have chance to demonstrate himself/herself in the work of the Parliament,” the new speaker of the Parliament of Georgia Irakli Kobakhidze stated.

Gori City Budget to Increase at 700 000 GEL in 2017
In accordance to the 2017 draft budget, Gori will have 700 000 GEL more in its budget than last year and it will reach 16 222 000 GEL. The project was already sent to the Gori City Council members for further discussion. They have to review, comment and issue recommendations to the City Hall with regard to the budget by December 25. Afterwards, the city council will have to ballot about the main financial document for the next year. 
Protest Demonstrations in Parallel to the First Session of the Parliament of Georgia
The ninth convocation of the Parliament of Georgia opened the first session in Kutaisi in parallel to the protest demonstrations. Representatives of different NGOs and Free Trade Union gathered in front of the Kutaisi building of the legislative body despite the rainy weather; they called on the legislators to defend the rights of the voters.

Kutaisi will have three MPs in the Parliament
3 single mandate candidates will represent interests of Kutaisi voters in the 9th convocation of the Parliament. On October 30, candidates from the ruling party won in the second round of elections. Genadi Margvelashvili received 69, 28% in the election district #47, Koba Narchemashvili received 67,33% in the election district # 49 and Dimitri Mkheidze 75.28 in the district #48. With the results, they defeated the candidates from the UNM. 
Head of Gori Education Resource Center was fired
Official reason of firing Zurab Kareli from the position of the head of Gori district Education Resource Center was the audit report of the Ministry of Education and Science. However, local media reports he was dismissed because of the offensive comment he made about UNM on Facebook after the results of the second round of the Parliamentary Elections were published. Zurab Kareli offended the UNM and its supporters in the social network. 
The choice of ethnic minorities – interesting tendencies
On October 30, the 2016 Parliamentary Elections were over with the second round of the majoritarian elections in 50 districts. According to the official information, the Georgian Dream won in 48 districts. The precincts of Marneuli Municipality were the noisiest in both rounds of the elections. HRIDC observers reported that the confrontation took place in the precinct #50 in Kizilajlo village. 
Georgian Dream won the second round of the parliamentary elections in Kutaisi
The Georgian Dream won the second round of the Parliamentary Elections in all three single mandate districts in Kutaisi. According to the preliminary information of the CEC, Genadi Margvelashvili of the GD gained 69, 28%, and Giorgi Tevdoradze of the UNM gained 30,75% in the single mandate district #47: in the district #48 Dimitri Mkheidze of the GD gained 75,28%, and Akaki Bobokhidze of the UNM gained 24,72%; in the district #49 Koba Narchemashvili of the GD gained 67,33%, Gigi Tsereteli of the UNM - 32.67%. 
Turnout of voters reduced in Marneuli
“Turnout of the voters has significantly reduced. On October 8, at least 700 citizens had already come to vote by 12:00 pm but now their number is only 200,” independent observer Rezo Aliyev at the precinct # 48 in Kizilajlo village, Marneuli municipality said. 

Human Rights Center Is Monitoring Parliamentary Elections in Three Regions
Today, the observers of Human Rights Center monitor the second round of the Parliamentary Elections in three regions of Georgia. 
The monitors and journalists of the Center are deployed in Kvemo Kartli region - in the villages compactly inhabited with ethnic minorities; in the conflict-affected villages of Shida Kartli and in Khashuri; in Kakheti region – in the villages of Pankisi Gorge and in the villages of ethnic minorities in Telavi municipality. 

Noise in Kizilajlo Precinct # 50
At 13:00 pm, situation got tense in the polling station # 50 in Kizilajlo village, Marneuli municipality and the PEC chairperson called police; the precinct was closed for few minutes.
Incident in Sobisi – UNM Supporter Was Beaten
Supporter of the United National Movement was physically assaulted in Kvemo Sobisi village, Gori municipality. Albert Merebashvili has injuries on the face. He blames Koba Berianidze, member of the Gori municipal board from the Georgian Dream, in his physical assault. As Merebashvili said he was beaten because of his political views.
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