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Victim of Trafficking Can Not Return to Uzbekistan from Georgia
Twenty-four-year-old mother with two children from Uzbekistan has been in Georgia for five months and can not return to her country because of prolonged court process. She is the only witness who can retell how Marina Chkhikvadze-Oganesian sold her in Dubai; how was she forced to work in sex business and then got into a prison.
Will Doctors Be Punished?
Doctors' indifference and incompetence resulted into the death of two people in Khobi District this year. Twenty-four-year-old Lasha Danelia died late in May and nine-year-old Natia Kereselidze died on October 22. The doctors, accused for Lasha Danelia's death, were punished. However, we can not say the same about Natia Kereselidze's death.
Detention of Officials at Pension Fund in Samegrelo
In Tbilisi, detention of Zaza Sofromadze, Head of Social Insurance Fund, was murkily coincided with the detention of officials from the four District Pension Funds in Samegrelo Region. They were detained by Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Regional Prosecutor's Office.
Criminal Case Might Be Launched Against the Editor of 'Kartlis Khma'
According to Saba Tsitsikashvili, representative of the 'Human Rights Information and Documentation Centre’ in Gori, his testimony given to the Gori District Court has been disfigured. The testimony introduced in the Court report is completely different from what Mr. Tsitsikashvili gave to the trial.
Deceived Personnel
Former employees of the Borjomi-Likani Corporation have held several demonstrations demanding compensation. On April 26, 2006, Georgian Ministry of Economic Development sold the Borjomi-Likani Corporation (BL) to the [Kazakh-owened] Kazmunai Gas Service Corporation (KGS) for 10 million USD. Nobody spoke of [BL’s] resort staff being laid off at that time. However, KGS promised to compensate anyone who would be laid off.
Student, Deported from Russia, Wants to Continue Her Studies in Georgia
Abkhazian refugee Irine Kalandia, deported from Moscow, urges Minister of Education to let her continue with her studies in Georgia. Though Irine legally lived in Moscow, she became a victim of tense situation between Georgia and Russia. Three days and sleepless nights in a cell, three hours with so-called 'Bomzhs'-that is a short deportation history of the third-year student.
Who Owns Weapon in Samegrelo Region and Why?
Since 1991 it has been in fashion to have a gun in Samegrelo Region. Despite that such a large amount of arms has never been in the region before. Initially we should name those gangs who had guns-they are several groups set up by so-called Zviadists (supporters of Late Georgian President, Zviad Gamsakhurdia); as well as groups of Badri Zarandia, Jambul Bokuchava, Akaki Eliava, Anzor Chkheidze and Gocha Esebua.
Money Is Paid and Children Return Home from the Orphanages
UN supports children from orphanages to return to family environment. Those families who foster children are paid minimal sums. According to present data total 218 orphan children and those lacking parental care have left the orphanage. Some of them have returned to their families, while others have been fostered by strange families.
Demonstration against Violence Was Dispersed by Patrol Police
Georgian artists and representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations gathered in front of the President's Chancellery to express their protest against violation once more. They held peaceful demonstration under slogan 'No-To Violence' to awake the Government and protect Human Rights; however the demonstration was dispersed by patrol police.
80% of Gori Population Complains about Government
Work group assembled by representatives of Urban Institute and Georgian Youth Association Gori Offices carried out investigation in Gori. Six young people were selected, such as Revaz Nadiradze, Sofo Okropiridze, Shorena Tielidze. Ekaterine Kotoloashvili, Ia Narozashvili and Mariam Sreseli. According to the survey work - group drew up recommendation list for self-government.
First Deportation Victim in Georgia
The number of people, who has become victims of tense relations between Russia and Georgia, has increased. The first victim of the deportation was Mr. Tengiz Togonidze. He died of heart attack on the tenth day of his detaintion in Damadedovo Airport's Police Department. The Markeliais were deported to Sochi from Moscow and they arrived in Zugdidi via Sukhumi. Apart many difficulties they met in Abkhazia, Ms. Nona Markelia left her father in Sukhumi and Abkhazians promise to release her father if they pay 1000 USD.
Young Girl Has Been Living In a Trafficking Asylum for Three Months
An asylum for trafficking victims opened in Adjara in August of this year. A girl from Guria region who was a victim of sexual trafficking entered the shelter on the first day it opened. Her identity is kept secret in the interest of her investigation. Nonetheless, she is collaborating with law enforcers so that traffickers can be identified [and prosecuted].
They Threaten to Kidnap Me and To Kill My Child
Journalists are still terrorized by both former and current officials in Kakheti Region. Last week former MP Davit Kapanadze physically and verbally assaulted Mr. Ranaz Samkharadze, director of the Radio 'Hereti'. They threat him to close his radio as well as to kidnap him and kill his child.
Governor’s Fund is Spotty
We took issue with the unreasonable expenses of the Shida Kartli Governor’s fund in 2004. Two years ago, journalists examined the Governor’s fund using data from the Chamber of Control Based on the information gathered, the 'Human Rights Information and Documentation Centre' published articles about abuses with the Governor’s fund and the names of real and fictitious charity businessmen who were donating to the fund. Now we have uncovered a new violation.
Investigation Launched into the Forceful Recruiting of a Chechen Refugee to the Georgian Army
A military commissioner and councilor of the village of Jokolo might be detained for the forceful recruiting of a Chechen refugee to the Georgian army. Mr. Vakhid Borchashvili was released from military service two months after non-governmental organizations became involved in his case. However, his family is demanding that his offenders be punished.
‘I Demand My Own Flat Back!’
Neighbor’s oven, table, several chairs and a bed-is a short list of the furniture the Baramidzes own. They have lived in the neighbor’s garage since Adjara Regional Division within Frontier Police Department moved them out of the flat.
Population Copes for Weeks without Water
Water has been a problem for Khutsubani population for several years now. “We gather water when it rains and use it for washing and various things. You need a clean house to live,” said Maguli Diasamidze, a resident of the village Khutsubani.
Georgian Citizens Deported from Russia
Great Russia’ has begun sanctions against Georgia. Every individual who resides in Russia with a Georgian surname is to be deported. It does not matter what a person’s legal status is. Three planes, two of them cargo planes, have already flown [ethnic] Georgians residing in Russia to Georgia.
Soldier Is Sued for Leaving Military Unit
Military police department of the Defense Ministry of Georgia has brought suit against 25 year-old military man Roland Kartvelishvili. According to the third item of article 388 of the criminal code of Georgia he will either be sentenced to 3 years imprisonment or to two years unemployment.
Government Ignores Historical Uflistsikhe
The vacation season will soon end. The historical [museum and preserve], Uflistsikhe, has not been attended to for several days. Museum staff could not cope with the numerous guests during the whole summer. Notwithstanding that the road leading to Uflistsikhe no longer exists, the number of foreign tourists has increased over last year’s number.
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