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Appeal of NGOs regarding violent incident in Akhaltsikhe
We, the under-signed organizations, are concerned about the incident that happened on October 27 in Akhaltsikhe and call on the police to investigate the case promptly, objectively and impartially and take all lawful measures. Particularly alarming is allegation about possible participation of the regional governor in the incident. 
Incident in Sobisi – UNM Supporter Was Beaten
Supporter of the United National Movement was physically assaulted in Kvemo Sobisi village, Gori municipality. Albert Merebashvili has injuries on the face. He blames Koba Berianidze, member of the Gori municipal board from the Georgian Dream, in his physical assault. As Merebashvili said he was beaten because of his political views.
Evaluation of the Second Round of the Georgian Parliamentary Elections
Today, the observers of Human Rights Center monitored the second round of the Parliamentary Elections in three regions of Georgia. 

The monitors and journalists of the Center were deployed in Kvemo Kartli region - in the villages compactly inhabited with ethnic minorities in Marneuli municipality; in the conflict-affected villages of Shida Kartli and in Khashuri; in Kakheti region – in the villages of Pankisi Gorge and also in the villages of ethnic minorities in Telavi municipality. 
Demonstration with the request of effective labor inspection was held in front of the State Chancellery
On October 28, a warning demonstration with the request to immediately review labor policy and to create effective labor inspection was held in front of the Government Administration. 
Occupation regime assigned Ilia Takadze to Georgian side
On October 26, as a result of the scheduled meeting in the frame of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism, Ilia Takadze, resident of Kirbali village, who was arrested by the occupation regime soldiers several days ago, was freed from Tskhinvali detention setting. Russian soldiers arrested Ilia Takadze when he was collecting fire-wood in the forest. The family paid 2 000 Russian rubles as a fine.
Abuse of administrative resources in Khashuri municipality

“If authenticity of the audio-recording is confirmed, Khashuri municipality deputy governor Zurab Chkhitunidze and single mandate candidate from the Georgian Dream Valeri Gelashvili may be fined with 2 000 GEL each,” lawyer of Shida Kartli office of Human Rights Center Aleksi Merebashvili said when commenting on the audio-recording spread by the Shida Kartli Information Center.
Evaluation of the work of ethnic Azerbaijani MPs in Georgia and their priorities
Ethnic Azerbaijani people make the largest ethnic minority group in Georgia. (According to the 2014 census, Azerbaijani people make 6.3% of the Georgian population) but they are not actively involved in the Georgian political life. The Azerbaijani people complain about low activity of their MPs in the Parliament. 
Free Democrats withdrew their 385 commission members from District Election Commissions
Free Democrats withdrew their 385 commission members from 22 DECs. The party leader Tamar Kekenadze clarified it was sort of prevention of the work of their members in the favor of any other political party.
Georgian elections abroad
On October 8, the Parliamentary Election of Georgia was conducted in 55 polling stations outside Georgia. As Central Election Commission reported to humanrights.ge, there are 49 694 registered Georgian voters living abroad. 55 polling stations were opened in 40 foreign countries. The Russian Federation was exception and Georgian citizens living could not enjoy their right to vote as a result of ceased diplomatic relations between the two countries after 2008 armed conflict.
300 Milion EURO Investment Planned in Gori Municipality
On October 25, Gori municipality governor Davit Oniashvili and head of the Easter Europe Regional Development Center Tomash Makovski announced at the joint press-conference that the Easter European Development Foundation will invest 300 million Euro in Gori municipality to develop educational, tourist infrastructure, solid plural remains management, greenhouse farming, water and sewage systems.
Prohibition of the unsanctioned trading counters alongside the central motorway is postponed
There are many unsanctioned mini- markets (so called bazars) alongside the central motor-ways in Georgia; residents of nearby villages sell their agricultural products there. In Shida Kartli region part of the motorway one can buy sweet cakes, hammocks, fruit and vegetable. 
The UNM requests to re-count spoiled ballot papers
The UNM Kutaisi Organization appealed the City Court. The opposition party requested to re-count spoiled ballot papers from the Parliamentary Elections. The Kutaisi DEC #59 did not satisfy the complaint of the UNM to re-count spoiled ballot papers. 
Valeri Gelashvili: “Probably, the second round is my fate…”
Valeri Gelashvili, the single mandate candidate from the Georgian Dream in Khashuri municipality, is discontent with the results of the first round. On October 8 he received 4 600 votes. With this result Gelashvili took the second place and Simon Nozadze, the former General of Security Service, outstripped him with 2 710 votes. Nozadze is single mandate candidate from the political party Topadze-Industrials - Our Homeland. 
Second round will be held in three majoritarian districts in Shida Kartli Region
The CEC decided to conduct the second round of the October 8 Parliamentary Elections in 50 majoritarian districts on October 30. In Shida Kartli, the second round will be held in Gori city, in Kaspi and Khashuri majoritarian districts besides Kareli majoritarian district. As for Kareli municipality, Giorgi Totladze, the single mandate candidate from the Georgian Dream, gained 52.29% (12331 votes) in the first round and he is already in the parliament. 
“Voice of Azan shall be heard outside the Juma Mosque like in other mosques”
“About 10 years ago, people living around the Juma Mosque in Meidan Square, Tbilisi, complained about the Azan voice transmitted from the mosque (Azan is a pray, which is read only by Imam). Since then, Azan is not heard from the mosque,” ethnic Azerbaijani Javid Gurbanov complained. He attends prayers in the Juma Mosque, located close to famous sulfur baths in the Old Tbilisi Center. Javid said, in the past, the Azan voice was heard in the entire neighborhood, but now it can be heard only inside the mosque because use of amplifiers was prohibited.
Was the 2016 Parliamentary Election held in inclusive environment?
As reported by the Public Defender of Georgia, on the Election Day of the 2016 Parliamentary Elections, 2 blind persons could not vote in the precinct #7 of Varkhani village in Adigeni Municipality. Nevertheless, the amended Election Code guaranteed right to vote for every person in any polling station throughout the country. 
Which precincts were lost by the Georgian Dream in Kakheti
The Georgian Dream again won the Parliamentary Elections on October 8, 2016 in Kakheti region; the United National Movement again took the second place in the election results. The Georgian Dream lost ballot in the precincts of Telavi city, in many villages of Kvareli, in Iormughalo community in Sagarejo district, in the village Kabali of Lagodekhi municipality. It is rare case when the government loses elections in the villages of ethnic Azerbaijani population. 
Irakli Sesiashvili’s early celebration and the lowest result - second round in 5 districts of Kakheti
As the Information Center of Kakheti had predicted a day before the Election Day, the only district where the Georgian Dream won single-mandate ballot was Sighnaghi-Dedoplistskaro DECS. The second round will be held in Sagarejo, Gurjaani, Lagodekhi-Kvareli, Telavi-Kvareli and Akhmeta-Telavi majority election districts. Irakli Sesiashvili received one of the lowest results (41%) in Telavi-Kvareli district. He defeated the candidate from the UNM only with 5%. At the same time, Sesiashvili celebrated the victory at night of the Election Day before the official results were published and he claimed that had gained 4.5 times more votes than his competitor. 

Eka Kobesashvili: “The Prosecutor’s Office dragged out the case”
On September 13, Levan Darbaidze, the judge of the Gori District Court, commenced hearing into the case of three accused police officers from Kaspi police department. Former law enforcement officers: Levan Baisonashvili, Amiran Kasroshvili and Mikheil Megriauli are accused in the abuse of power and beating of Zviad Peikrishvili. 
There are mistakes in the final protocols of 21 out of total 86 precincts the Rustavi
On October 8, on the Election Day, 86 precincts were opened in Rustavi Election District. Three of them were special precincts: #5, #16 and #17 . 
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