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The Confiscated Property will be Transferred to State’s Ownership
Government has been showing interest in the confiscated property lately. There are different initiatives taken in this regard. This kind of property will be transferred to state ownership. Even some of the government members cannot understand this, not to talk about the experts of the field.

Public Defender Requests the Proper Residence Places for Eco Migrants
Giorgi Tughushi, the public defender of Georgia requests that the family of  Mukhamed Gogitidze from the village Koreti, Akhmeta region is provided with the proper residence place. The public defender addressed the Minister of Refugees and Accommodation of Georgia, Koba Subeliani.

Georgia cannot live on frog exports alone
 ORTHODOX Christian Georgians are remarkably observant; and the Good Shepherd is an important Christian parable. Yet these days, good Georgian shepherds are giving thanks to Islam, with the Hajj ending on 18th November.
People Imprisoned Under Request of the Regional Governor
In the evening of November 27, the residents of the Vazisubani village in Gurjaani district held protest rally near the Telavi-Tbilisi motorway. About 100 people protested the suspension of the electricity supply to the village by the JSC “Kakheti Energy Distribution Company”. Later, several people blocked the Telavi-Tbilisi motorway.
The Explosion Occurred in Front of the Labor Party Office is estimated to be the Act of Terrorism by the Party Members
The explosion occurred on November 28th night in front of the Labor Party Office is estimated to be the act of terrorism by the party members. President Saakashvili and his government representatives bear direct responsibility on the occurred, according to their statement.
Siriachkoni – Village in Water
We crossed the Rioni River by ferry. We are sailing to Siriachkoni. This is the village in Senaki district close to Zemo Chaladidi village across the Rioni River. In the1930s, two-hundred families lived in the village. Today the village is completely isolated from its environment. Because of the recent heavy rains, the Rioni River changed its bed and destroyed the dike at the end of the village.
Rudimently Fabricated Elections of Gori University Rector
After the elections at Gori University on October 21, 2010, Humanitarian Faculty Professor Giorgi Sosiashvili was elected to be a member of the Academician Council despite the fact that he was a member of the counting commission.
Ministry of Education together with MIA – “I Love My Police”
Deadline for the competition of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia in alliance with the Ministry of Internal Affairs - “I Love My Police” – is November 25. In the framework of the competition pupils have to make paintings, compositions and organize a photo-competition.
Content and Discontent IDPs from Karaleti Settlement
IDP settlement is getting ready for winter. The residents of Karaleti settlement are satisfied with the renovation of the cottages. However, they will soon see how the renovated houses endure the frost in winter. The Gori office of the Human Rights Center got interested how IDPs prepare for winter.
Misha the Magician
 Spending several days in Tbilisi last week after an absence of several months, the new reality of Georgian life struck me with particular force: Mikheil Saakashvili is back in charge. Two years ago, after his defeat in the August war of 2008, almost everyone was counting the days until the president left office. Now he is again the undisputed leader of Georgia.
How the Rose Government Gradually Destroyed the Process of the Informal Georgian-Abkhazian Meetings
This article will attempt to expose the policy of the government of Georgia based on concrete facts which, in my opinion work against the goal of achieving direct and regular relations between Georgians and Abkhazians. Further, the implementation of this policy has resulted in the destruction of the permanent informal Georgian-Abkhaz meetings.
Dangerous Games – What Can Be Expected From Visa-Free Regime with Iran and North Caucasus for Georgia
 Different evaluations were made after the government of Georgia announced visa-free regime with Iran. Part of society thinks it will promote free economical relation between Georgia and Iran; another part thinks the innovation is a bit risky for Georgia and besides security matters it will also worsen our relation with the West.

“For Your and Our Freedom” – Human Rights Defenders Conference in Tbilisi
On November 13 and 14, the Human Rights Center (HRIDC) organized a regional conference with the slogan “For Your and Our Freedom.” The conference was organized in the framework of the EU funded project “South Caucasus Network of Human Rights Defenders” at Sheraton Metekhi Palace. The human rights defenders from Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia took part in it. The human rights defenders from Russia were also invited to the conference.
Displaced and disgruntled in Georgia
 When roughly 5% of a country’s population have fled their homes but remain within national borders, what should the government do? That is one of the problems facing Georgia, where about 230,000 people were displaced in the unrest of the early 1990s, and 20,000 or so more left their homes following the 2008 war with Russia.
Where Was the Disappeared Abkhazian captive?
The disappeared Abkhazian Gari Jopua was discovered several days ago. As the de-facto Abkhazian leaders assure he was taken captive by Georgian side and has been severely beaten and tortured. He is in rather severe condition in Gulripshi hospital. Sokhumi states that there are secret prisons in Georgia where people kidnapped from Abkhazia and South Ossetia are hidden.
Adam Michnik: “Modern Georgian Elite Is Not Patient Enough”
On November 11, famous Polish journalist and public figure Adam Michnik gave a lecture at Tbilisi Iv. Javakhishvili State University. He spoke about the experience of Poland in the establishment of active civil society. Other active members of the Polish civil society - Jacek Kozlowski, Jan Jakub Wygnanski and Wietek Chlebanowski - also made speeches during the lecture.
Internet Control in Georgia
The private e-mails, chats, open and closed conversations in internet will be accessible for investigative structures according to the new law amendment.
Davit Tsikarishvili: “Requesting students to pass the subjects that they never studied in school is unfair.”
The Ministry of Education and Science adopted the program of the diploma exams for 2010-2011 academic years. This year’s 12th graders will be the first to pass 8 exams for receiving diploma. As the Ministry of Education states, this reform will evaluate the student’s knowledge more fairly and objectively. 
Zugdidi District Court Passed Verdict on “Svaneti Case”
Judge Davit Kekenadze at the Zugdidi district court passed verdict on the people convicted for the extortion of particularly large amount of money. Consequently, Neli Naveriani and Mzevinar Japaridze will spend 4 years in prison, Tariel, Davit and Anzor Japaridzes will spend 4 years and 6 months in prison and sought Jambul Japaridze will have to serve 6 years in prison. www.presa.ge has already published a letter about the famous detention (http://www.presa.ge/new/?m=politics&AID=618).
Cottage or 10 000 USD in Exchange for Life in Akhalgori District
An Akhalgori district resident, who will not abandon the Ksani Valley and declare to the Ministry of Koba Subeliani that he/she has fled from the district, will not receive IDP status. Without this status, they will not receive accommodation, financial allowance or any other assistance from the government.

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Last time, I visited Abkhazia five years ago. Since then, not a day goes by without thinking about it, without missing the Abkhazian
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Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
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