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Election Commission Has Office Next to District Governor’s Office
Kvemo Kartli was the most outstanding region in Georgia during the last presidential and parliamentary elections in regard with violations. Together with various violations, experts said that the representatives of the opposition parties in the polling stations were oppressed. People still speak about various problems at the upcoming municipality elections. The most interesting topic for voters is the office of the regional election commission # 21 which was opened next to the office of the district governor.
PR-Campaign of the National Movement Has Victims
The main topic of the news programs of the national TV-Companies from April 23 till April 26 was the emergency situation in the village of Velistsikhe in Gurjaani district (Kakheti). Ministers of internal affairs, regional development, agriculture, environment, Kakheti regional governor, deputy governor and Gurjaani district governor were interviewed in the morning, afternoon and evening releases of Kurieri, Moambe and Kronika.
Abkhazia: counting the costs of conflict
Abkhazia may have been a holiday destination for the Soviet top brass 20 years ago, but now, Russian budget tourists who cannot afford a package to Turkey and don't mind strolling along semi-ruins will fill its beaches in the summer. They will discover that price comparison does not work in Abkhazia's favour anymore, while comfortable hotels and decent infrastructure are still lacking.
Georgia's 'Little War' Raises Big Questions
Was the August 2008 war between Russia and Georgia a fight over small separatist provinces? Or did it represent something larger?

The latter, says Ronald Asmus, executive director of the Brussels-based Transatlantic Center of the German Marshall Fund of the United States and author of the recently released "A Little War That Shook The World: Georgia, Russia and the Future of the West."
Heidi Tagliavini Stated Georgia Is Responsible for the Out-Break of the War in August of 2008
On April 28, at the spring session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the CoE, the head of the EU Fact-Finding Commission on Georgia-Russian War Heidi Tagliavini blamed the Georgian side in provoking the war once again. However, she also mentioned “substantial and multiple” violations of international norms by Russia. Everybody liked Tagliavni’s statement at the session. The Georgian newspaper “Resonance” wrote about it in the article of Malkhaz Gagua “Tagliavini Blamed CoE in Launching the War.”
Dachi Tsaguria Met Gigi Ugulava At the Petrol Station
On April 28, the candidate of the Tbilisi City Mayor from the National Movement Gigi Ugulava worked as a petrol attendant at the petrol station “Eco” within the pre-election Campaign. The member of the Movement “November 7” Dachi Tsaguria approached him by the car together with the film-crew of the TV-Company “Maestro”. While Ugulava was filling the fuel-tank, Tsaguria asked him several questions.
Luisa Mascia: “Prosecutor of the Hague Court Plans To Visit Georgia in June of 2010”
The Interpresnews interviewed the Europe Coordinator of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court Luisa Mascia about the cooperation between the Government of Georgia and the International Criminal Court regarding the Russian-Georgian war of 2008.
Ossetian Passports Will Be Issued in Akhalgori since May
Akhalgori district de-facto administration will start to issue so-called Ossetian passports from May 10. The de-facto government of South Ossetia said the process will be voluntary that means only those will take the passport who wish it.

“Giga Bokeria as a President!!!”
As soon as I write something about the government, boom starts on the facebook. Mostly, the fan-club members of Vano Merabishvili and Zurab Adeishvili are active. They try to convince each other that I have invented the story about the cracks of the government.
Rebel of Workers in Zestaponi and Chiatura Ended With Temporary Truce with the Administration
The mass strike and protest demonstrations, which started on April 20 against Georgian Manganese Ltd in Zestaponi and Chiatura came to an end. The factory administration and the initiative group of the strike committee started negotiations since April 27.
Fake TV Report-Related Phone Recording Examined
A recorded phone conversation, implicating President Saakashvili of being behind Imedi TV’s fake news broadcast on renewed war, is genuine, although it may have been tampered through deletion of some parts of the conversation, according to findings of examination by London-based business intelligence and corporate investigations firm GPW.
What Kind of Georgian United States Shall We Have?
Director of the Liberty Institute of Georgia Levan Ramishvili prepared draft-amendments to the constitution of Georgia – “American Model of Power Separation, Restriction and Balance”; the draft-project caused different opinions among the governmental officials. Ramishvili’s project, which will be discussion by the Constitutional Commission, aims to change the administrative arrangement of Georgia and division of the country into states. According to the same project, the position of the prime-minister shall be abolished and the main executors will be the president, the regional governor and the city mayor. The main executor can implement his/her activities for 5 years and the constitution commission will approve his candidature. The project aims to create double-chamber parliament which will be staffed by senators and the MPs from the states.
Court did not Allow Prisoner to Attend Trial
Kutaisi Appeal Court discussed a case on the convicted Apolon Giorgadze. Giorgadze is accused of the resistance to the prison administration during transportation; in addition to that he is a member of a criminal network though he himself denies this fact. According to the 2010 judgment of Kutaisi City Court Apolon Giorgadze was sent to prison for 6 years (for his membership in a criminal network) and 10 months for resistance.
Ethnic Ossetian Citizen Requests His Property Lost in 1990s
Resident of the village of Agara in Kareli district Liana Kaberashvili sued IDPs from Znauri district and requests the accommodation they have occupied. The IDPs from Znauri settled in Agara early in 1990s and occupied three rooms in the house of Liana Kaberashvili’s father.
Citizens At The Doors of Bureaucrats – We Are Not Dying of Hunger But Please Do Not Kill Us By Natural Disaster
“The house is dangerous to live in and inhabitants shall be resettled,” this is the conclusion about the house of Memed Datunaishvili, resident of the village of Leghva in Kobuleti district. However, the municipality agencies put the conclusion on the shelf. Because of lack of funds, the family has to continue living in one part of the house which was not destroyed by the natural disaster.
Unprotected Boarders
After the murder at the Georgian-Azerbaijan border the experts blamed the government of Georgia in the poor protection of the borders once more. The former head of the border police Badri Bitsadze said the Georgian-Azerbaijan border is not controlled in fact. Russia moved the Georgian-Dagestan border-line at three kilometers in the area of Diklo Mountain in Tusheti region; consequently, Russia misappropriated 24 sq. kilometers of Georgian territory.
Overall Strikes in Zestaponi and Chiatura
Workers, metallurgists and miners of the Zestaponi Ferro Factory and Chiatura Mining Factory have been holding protest demonstrations since April 20 to protect their labor and social rights. The demonstrations were simultaneously organized in Zestaponi and Chiatura. The employees of the both enterprises request meeting with the administration of the Georgian Manganese Ltd in order to resolve all problems through the dialogue with them.
“We Do Not Want Restaurants to Be Built Instead Hospitals”
“Georgian people will be grateful to the government if they implement serious reforms in the healthcare system. In several years, we will have reconstructed hospitals where doctors and their patients will feel comfortable,” said the former healthcare minister of Georgia Lado Chipashvili three years ago at the presentation of the general plan on the development of hospital sector. After this statement, process of privatization of hospitals started in Georgia which later ended in failure.
Journalists Set Up Independent Trade Union
“There are a lot of problems in Georgian media today and everybody knows it. We should incorporate and protect our rights,” organizing committee of the Independent Trade Union of Journalists informed the Kutaisi based journalists about their initiative last week. The meeting was only informatory one.
Reserve Funds Do Not Meet Their Goals
In accordance to the organic law of Georgia about Local Self-Governance, the aim of the reserve funds is funding extraordinary and urgent expenses. The reserve fund is created mostly for the liquidation of emergency situation; however, district governors spend funds from the reserve budget on entertainment, PR-campaigns and on the activities which are beyond the competence of the local authority.
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