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Religious Issues in Georgian Media
According to the media-monitoring results carried out by the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs [GIPA], out of religious issues Georgian media mostly reports about Orthodox holidays, construction of new Orthodox Churches and renovation of old ones, events organized by the Georgian Patriarchate and other orthodox ceremonies.

Students Learn to Struggle for Their Rights
Students’ organization Youth Center request the rector of the Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University [TSU] and its administration to ensure equal pre-election environment for the upcoming elections of student self-government.

Garbage “River” in Dusheti
Two kilometers away from Dusheti tones of garbage have been scattered on roadsides for several years already. Dusheti River is full of garbage and it creates hearth of anti-sanitary.  The River is linked with Aragvi River which finally flows into the River Mtkvari.

Public Defender’s Scandalous Report about Child’s Rights
Public Defender published the results of the monitoring carried out in the children’s institutions in December of 2011. The monitoring revealed the cases when nurses lashed, beat children with bottles, chairs, sticks; a child left without attention chopped his finger off by axe.

Amendments to the Georgian Border Management Strategy
Amendments were recently introduced to the Georgian Border Management Strategy , approved by the President on February 4, 2008. The amendments were already published by the Sakanonmdeblo Matsne (online source of the Ministry of Justice).

Sokhumi Slams EUMM Head
Breakaway Abkhazia’s foreign ministry accused head of EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia (EUMM), Andrzej Tyszkiewicz, of “disrespect” towards Sokhumi and declared him as “an undesirable person on the territory of Abkhazia”.

Religious Minorities in the Labyrinths of Georgian Bureaucracy
Representatives of the Evangelist-Protestant Church allege that the Rustavi City Administration has created bureaucratic barriers for the registration of their chapel in Rustavi. Pastor Giorgi Chitadze spoke about the problem with http://www.religiebi.info/

Key Figure in Terror Convicts' Case Denied to be Questioned by Court
Judge presiding over appeals court hearing into the case of series of explosions in Georgia in 2009-2010 has declined a motion for questioning a key figure into the case, who claims that his initial plea of guilt was obtained by investigators under duress.

Mr. Smith Goes to Kutaisi
KUTAISI, Georgia — It took me more than three hours last Thursday to get from the center of Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital and commercial and cultural hub, to the country’s brand new Parliament building, a stadium-sized oyster-shell-shaped building enmeshed in steel netting. That’s because the Georgian Parliament is being relocated to Kutaisi, this small country’s second-largest city, some 150 miles west.

Georgian and Ossetian Journalists Released “Another Face of War”
On April 25 Art Café in Gori is going to host presentation of a new book published by Georgian and Ossetian journalists. It is the first joint edition published since August war 2008. The book entitled “Another Face of War” will be published in Georgian, Russian and English languages [300 copies each].

Tamaz Tamazashvili’s Sister Sacked on Political Grounds
Tamar Tamazashvili, sister of Irakli Garibashvili’s father-in-law – one of the founders of the political party Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia, was sacked. Tamar Tamazashvili was teacher and deputy director at the Dedoplistskaro district Art School.

Features of Saakashvili’s Policy
While the US and western European countries have stopped economic cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran, Georgia increases its cooperation even more. Officially, however, Mikheil Saakashvili’s government follows the western course.

New Owners of the Elite Electronics
Company Elite Electronics has new owners. The Interpresnews was notified from the company that Brimag Group had purchased it and Chairman of the Company Board is Shaul Silberstein. Brimag owns one of the largest networks of production and sale of electronics appliances in Europe and Israeli market with over 400 shops.

Trial on Anzor Kokoladze Postponed Because of Prosecutor
Trial on businessman Anzor Kokoladze, the founder of the Elite Electronics, was postponed for May 1 because the prosecutor was not prepared for the court hearing.

IDPs about IDP Stories
What are the conditions of IDPs; what is the situation with privatization of their accommodation spaces; have they received compensation; have they adapted to new places of settlement; how they tackle unemployment; do they receive social assistance – series of programs – IDP Stories release information about these topics.

“Kochoia: and Arkania Changed Their Confession Statements – Trial at the Appeal Court Suspiciously Postponed
The lawyers of the convicted for organizing of terrorist acts in Georgia connect non-delivery of their clients to the trial at the Appeal Court because of their amended confession statements. Lawyer Gela Nikolasivhili told Interpresnews that more likely the non-delivery of the convicted to the trial is connected with Merab Kolbaia, Kochoia, who pleaded guilty in 2010 and now changed the testimony.

Typical Example of Withholding Public Information in Tbilisi City Hall
City Hall of Tbilisi represents one of the most reluctant governmental agencies to issue public information. According to Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI), according to data of February 2th of 2012, Tbilisi City Hall, as a rule, avoids to issue public information.

Public Broadcaster Requests Additional GEL 1,300,000 from the Governmental Reserve Fund
Management of the Public Broadcaster requests the Prime Minister allocation of additional GEL 1,300,000 for the functioning of the Second Channel, from the reserve fund.  Board of     Trustees has approved the given initiative of the Director General of the Public Broadcaster Giorgi Chanturia at 12 April session.

Zugdidi Police Threatens the Family of Murdered Tabidze
Presage.tv has previously written about the death of Badri Tabidze, an IDP from Abkhazia, under the title “Unresolved Case and Police Officers Suspected in Murder” on March 4. The circumstances surrounding Tabidze’s death are unclear, but there are new details about the incident that caused the death of 24-year-old young man.

Law Prohibits Churches and Chapels in Public Schools but Reality Is Different
There are many people in the school yard. Parents are standing in small groups and impatiently waiting for their children; supposedly the first half of the day is seemingly coming to an end. I am looking for the entrance to the Church located inside the school-building. I can enter the church through this entrance instead of using the main one.

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