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Go and Drink “Laghidze Waters”
„Human Rights Centre” all day long was trying to clear up, if the Ltd. “Laghidze Waters” was entered in the privatization list of the ministry of Economic Development.
Garbage in the Supermarket of Akhaltsikhe
Territory of Akhaltsikhe Super Market is full of garbage. Nobody pays any attention to such situation and that is why, it is possible that in the nearest future it will turn into the place of spreading of tuberculosis.
Kaspi Residents Will Soon Be Lost in “Kaspitsementi” Black Smoke
Kaspi residents could not recover from white smoke of Kaspitsementi (cement producing factory) and now they are likely to be lost in black smoke produced by the same factory. Gela Vardziashvili, general director of the Saktsmenti, said that soon their factory will use coal instead of gas as a fuel.
13 - year problem from Nephew
,,It was very abusive for me, when they said, that Bebiashvili was not convicted, but it did not mean, that she was not guilty. I did not know that working in the school during 15 years is a crime. I demand to show me the documents, proving my crime”, - declared Nana Bebiashvili on the sitting of the Kutaisi court, when the representative of Prosecutor office demanded 13 years imprisonment.
People Claim- “Air Cannot Be Only Food for Us”
Risen price on bread has made life expensive in Georgia. Today you can meet citizens, concerned about the situation, particularly at or near groceries. When they have not enough money to fill their consumer commodities, one part of people gets desperate while others scold their government.
Tourists from Nigeria Are in Batumi Prison
Early in August, frontier police detained three Nigerian citizens. They were accused for illegal crossing the border. Nigerian citizens say that they have not violated the law. They are concerned about their spoilt holiday rather than the money they have to pay as a bail.
Locals of Bakhmaro have to Leave Their Places
The place, where winter lasts for 7 months, where the snow covers the mountains till summer; where the air is always fresh and where the unique mineral springs come from the ground, is expecting the “economic development”.
Newly Appointed Director in Akhalkalaki does not Know the State Language
Appointing the new director in Russian Public School #2 in Akhalkalaki caused confrontation and hot dispute. A wife of the regional deputy, who failed the tests, is appointed on the post of director.
Disagreement between the Teachers at Public School of the Village of Dagva
Members of the Tutorial Council and teachers at the Public School in the village of Dagva within the Kobuleti Municipality were divided in two parts. The reason for argument was computer training course that started at school.
“Hunting” on Socially Excluded People
On August 10 representatives of the Ministry of Healthcare visited Imereti region. Piloting program on vouchering the socially excluded population started in Imereti region. At first sight it did not seem bad initiative; however fifteen days later it turned into a very unpleasant situation and became a reason for dissidence.
A Large Family of Eco-Migrants Is Offered to Resettle from Native District
The state is going to leave a family of Davitadzes in the street. There are fourteen members in eco-migrants’ family. Kazakh investors purchased the resort house “Narinji” in the town of Makhinjauri where the family resided. Most part of IDPs and eco-migrants has already been evicted from the building. Only Davitadzes remained there because they did not accept the compensation. However, Kazakh investor has already started deconstruction of the resort house.
At Home or At Children’s House?
“Georgian government will do its best to withdraw children lacking parental care from institutions and return them to their biological families or send to foster families. Thus the children will find the love they lacked for many previous years,” said Tamar Chanturia, the head of the program “Assistance of Orphan Children and Children Lacking Parental Care” within the Georgian Ministry of Education and Science.
Akhaltsikhe Population Cannot Pay Twenty One Lari for Rabies Injection
“The injection costs twenty one Lari at clinic. In case of biting, patient needs at least three injections. I could not afford it and I ran a risk. I checked the dog every day- if he was alive or not. Fortunately, the dog survived ‘, - says Otar Atskurishvili, who was bitten by a street dog.
“Terrorist Act Did Not Happen Near You”-Families Living Close to Gori Police Station Are Being Persuaded
“The explosion was so great that the cars standing in the street were thrown away into our yards. The ground was covered with smashed glasses. The roof of our house ruined. The explosion damaged the ceiling of the theatre that was located 500 meters away from the scene of accident; so, just imagine how seriously it could damage us. We had just repaired our house and the rain was not leaking in the rooms. But now the rain drips in all three rooms and bathroom too. On that day my husband was sitting in the booth (we are selling some products in it) and luckily somebody called him out, otherwise he would have definitely died by the explosion,” said Zhuzhuna Tsartsidze, a resident of Gori who recalls the day of terrorist act, February 1, 2005…
Tutorial Councils of Gori Based Schools Will Have Problems
“On July 7 members of Tutorial Council of our school destroyed our happiness and cut off wings of our childish hopes with their activities. We were standing in tears and could not think of anything. Only one pupil, Inga Egadze must not decide the fate of our teacher Ms. Giuli. Please, protect our rights and do not let illegally elected director to run our school who came here through revolution. We want our favorite teacher, Ms. Giuli to return to our school,” it is an extract from the letter that was sent by pupils of public school of the village of Fkhvenisi to Human Rights Center (HRIDC). (The style of the letter was not changed).
People from “Mecxre Ubani” Will Remain Without School
“We could never imagine that the school that was built for us, would be closed down one day and we would face problems because of it,” said Muslim Meskh, Khasan Eristavi who was resettled to Samtredia District from Azerbaijan in 1983. In September the school in the village of Ianeti is supposed to be closed down.
There Is a Problem Regarding Interpreter at Batumi Court
There is only one interpreter at Batumi Civil Court. In other district courts throughout the Adjara Region there is no interpreter at all. Citizens, who do not know Georgian language, claim that cannot understand statements made during trials. Public Defender’s Office states that it is violation of rights of national minorities. At least one trial is held at Batumi Civil Court a day and interpreter is obliged to attend all of them.
Prisoner Woman, Who Is Ill with Tuberculosis, Has Her Imprisonment Term Prolonged on the Ground of Provocation
Prisoner Shorena Gegelishvili, who is ill with tuberculosis, was to be released on August 8. But several days ago she was sentenced to two-month pre-trial detention and nobody interrogated her regarding the fact. Judge and her assistant are on holiday and Nestan Londaridze, lawyer for Human Rights Center (HRIDC), who protects Gegelishvili’s interests, cannot study the case properly. The prisoner was on a hunger strike for several days in protest but because of health problems she was obliged to stop the protest today.
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