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Government Purchased Food Parcels for Population
Batumi City Hall and Kobuleti Municipal Board assist socially vulnerable families with food. None of those institutions connect the campaign with the upcoming elections. However, they admit that they have not implemented similar project in previous years.
Georgian Dream Filed 102 Complaints to Rustavi District Election Commission
Polling stations were opened in Rustavi a week ago like in the entire Georgia. Although short time has passed since their opening, 102 complaints were already filed by the Rustavi organization of the Coalition Georgian Dream.
Ucha Nanuashvili: “I think Nobody Was Kidnapped in Lopota Valley”
“I think nobody kidnapped young people in Lopota Valley and so called terrorists had crossed Georgian Border at least several weeks ago. Young people accidently encountered them and they decided to get rid of so called paramilitaries. Presumably government wanted to use them for other purposes,” human rights defender Ucha Nanuashvili, executive director of Human Rights Center, said.

Georgia says 3 troops, 11 militants killed near Russia border
(Reuters) - Georgian Interior Ministry forces shot dead 11 gunmen, and three of its own troops were killed in an operation to free hostages near the border with Russia, the ministry said on Wednesday.

Family Members of Police Officers Have Free Holidays in the Hotels Arranged in Police Stations
Family members of police officers rest in the building of Gonio police office. The local budget covers the communal expenses of the police office. Nongovernmental organization evaluates the fact is indirect corruption.

Sexual violence in Georgia
Eka (name is changed), 26, became victim of sexual violence at the age of 9. She, as a victim of domestic violence, applied to the National Network of Protection from Violence 3 years ago. Today, Eka has three children but her psychologist Manana Songulashvili said her psycho-trauma has not cured yet.

Deputy Candidate of United National Movement Accused of Bribing a Voter
Zurab Otiashvili, majoritarian deputy candidate for the United National Movement in Dusheti, gave 500 lari to a voter in Chargali on Vazhaoba (Festival for famous Georgian writer). According to Information Centre of Khaketi (ICK), Otiashvili said that with this money he helped a blind singer. A lawyer with Transparency International Georgia states that this amounts to bribing a voter and is punishable under the Georgian Criminal code.
Mtskheta-Mtianeti – Pre-election digest # 2
From August 11 to August 18, Information Center of Mtskheta-Mtianeti observed 1 case of attempted interference in the pre-election meeting of the majoritarian candidate with voters and hooliganism, 2 cases of detention, 4 cases of oppression and 1 fact of assumed document fabrication.

Assaults in Akhmeta – Two Journalists are beaten and their video cameras broken
In Akhmeta on the night of August 22,  Studio GNS journalists Vasil Dabrundashvili and Bacho Buliskeria were beaten by people connected with Gia Lortkipanidze, assistant of Ministry of Internal Affairs, and his brother Davit, the head of the Constitutional Security Department (CSD) in Khaketi region.

Georgian Dream’s Three Activists Sentenced to 70-Day Imprisonment
On August 21, Khoni district police arrested two activists of the Coalition Georgian Dream’s local office. Soso Sulava and Koba Kublashvili are accused of verbal assault of Roman Liparteliani.

OSCE Commissioner Warns Against Demolishing Georgian Villages in S.Ossetia
OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities Knut Vollebaek called on the de-facto leadership of the Georgian breakaway region of South Ossetia to clarify a statement indicating that it plans to demolish the remnants of villages formerly populated by ethnic-Georgians displaced during and after the 2008 war.

Teachers Trip to Mestia Covered by Local Government Budget
5000 lari from the Khelvachauri local government budget was spent for teachers’ trip to Mestia. Malkhaz Partenadze, chairmen of council, said that this is not connected to upcoming elections. The non-government sector says that this is attracting of voters.

Terry Benham Assesses that Voters List in Georgia, Fines, and Rule of Law are Questionable
A special advisor of the NGO Committee for Open Democracy and elections expert Terry Benham assesses that the voters’ lists, fines, and rule of law are questionable in Georgia.

Saakashvili’s Former Opponent to Be Majoritarian Candidate of the National Movement in Lanckhuti
On August 22, Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia Davit Bakradze visited Lanchkuti district. Main purpose of his visit was to nominate majoritarian candidate of the United National Movement in Lanchkhuti.
Dangerous Flight Which Was Kept in Secret by Saakashvili
Like previous years, on the fourth anniversary of August 2008 Russian-Georgian War, the President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili was still under particular attention. However, there was nothing original and new in his main messages with regard to the war, except a strange story which was not known to the large society for so long time.
National Movement’s HQ in Village Administration Building
Election HQ of the National Movement was opened in one of the rooms in the office of Chartali village territorial entity in Dusheti district.  HQ representative Irma Naniashvili told ICMM that they record problems of citizens who apply to the territorial entity and promise them assistance.

“Cool Buildings” and “Cool Roofs” for Rustavi Public Schools
Every school is being reconstructed in Rustavi during the election year. “Every public school in Rustavi will have cool building! They will have cool roofs! Perfect computer centers will be opened in public schools,” leader of the ruling party President Mikheil Saakashvili stated during his visit in Rustavi on August 16.

25 Lecturers Quitted Ilia State University in Protest
25 lecturers of the business faculty at the Ilia State University quitted job in protest. Former lecturer Giorgi Mikanadze informed Pirveli about it.

Opposition Parties Believe Discussion on Constitutional Suit Is Delayed on Purpose
Five opposition parties filed a complaint to the Constitutional Court of Georgia on May 25. They appeal against the six norms of the Organic Law of Georgia on “Political Unions of Citizens”. The claim has not been discussed yet. The suitors believe the discussion is delayed on purpose.

Transparency International Georgia Publishes a New Report
August 20, 2012, Tbilisi. Transparency International Georgia published a report on Financing of Political Parties during 2011 within the projectTransparent and Accountable Political Finance in Georgia.

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