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Giorgi Tskhadiashvili Appealed Resignation from Position
Giorgi Tskhadiashvili, who was resigned from the position of the Khashuri municipal board chairman, appealed to the court and requested restoration to the working place. First trial was held on September 22. Giorgi Tskhadiashvili’s authority was suspended on July 20; 18 municipal board members voted for it. Tskhadiashvili said the board members demonstrated mistrust to him as a result of political oppression.
Court Ruled to Sell Flat of the IDP Professor
Associated professor of the faculty of economics and business at the Tbilisi State University Merab Jikia applied to Human Rights Center for help. According to his statement, Mamuka Loluashvili and his wife, Ana Khetaguri misappropriated his flat fraudulently and mortgaged it several times. As a result of 9-year dispute Merab Jikia managed to gains his flat back and was declared victim. 
Gori City Council to Discuss Question of Setting Up Stalin’s Statue in the City

On October 2, the deputies will discuss issue of setting up Stalin’s statue in the city during the session of the Gori City Council. The session agenda was amended as a result of the September 10 demonstration in Gori. The demonstrators requested to set up the statue of Stalin in the territory of the museum in Gori; otherwise they threatened with large-scaled demonstrations. Representatives of the Society Stalinelebi and Eurasian Choice met the City Mayor to discuss this issue. 
Farmers held protest rally
Farmers held demonstration in front of the district administration in Gurjaani to protest low price of grape. They blocked the central motorway. Population of Gurjaani municipality participated in the demonstration. They requested the wine factories to increase price on grape and pay 1 lari for 1 kilo Rkatsiteli and 2 lari for Saperavi. Otherwise, they will hold permanent demonstrations on Tbilisi-Telavi central motorway.
Inhabitants from Mirtskhulava Street # 9/11 were evicted by compulsory measures
On August 26, inhabitants of the barracks in Mirtskhulava Street # 9/11, Tbilisi were evicted by compulsory measures. Enforcement police officers and their transportation service employees were mobilized on the site. Furniture and belongings of the inhabitants were transported by the vehicles of the National Bureau of Enforcement. Old people bounded to beds were taken out of the building by hand-borrows. Court judgment on compulsory eviction was executed without violence. 
Presentation of the Report “State of Women and Juvenile Prisoners in Georgia”
Human Rights Center presented report State of Women and Juvenile Prisoners in Georgia in the conference hall of the National Library of Georgia.
Opposition refused district governor to conduct easy purchase procedure
Gurjaani district administration allocated 55 000 lari from the reserve fund for the rehabilitation of the Akhasheni ravine damaged during the natural disaster. The question about cleaning of the ravine was discussed at the session of the municipal board.
Verdict about the Person Accused for Persecution of Jehovah Witnesses
The Court found Zina Zedginidze-Ninua guilty, who was accused of the persecution against Jehovah Witnesses. Lawyer of the Jehovah Witnesses Manuchar Tsimintia informed humanrights.ge about it. Akhaltsikhe district court discussed the appeal against Zina Zedgenidze-Ninua into the March 31, 2015 incident and concluded that during quarrel Zedginidze physically abused Liza Shemazashvili. The court fined Zedgenidze with 500 lari for the committed offence. 
Single Mother Urges for Help
Socially indigent mother applied to Human Rights Center for help. Rusudan Zaalishvili is growing up her 6-years-old son alone in extremely hard conditions. They do not have income and accommodation. She has health problems too. Rusudan Zaalishvili petitioned to the Tbilisi City Hall for flat rent.

Georgian Young Lawyers Association against Strip Search
Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA) addressed the constitutional court of Georgia and requested revocation of #97 decree of Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance of Georgia adopted on May 30, 2011, according to which, every defendant and convict is subject to the procedure of full examination when entering or leaving a penitentiary facility.
Appeal Court Acquitted Beneficiary of Human Rights Center
The Appeal Court acquitted convicted beneficiary of the lawyer of Human Rights Center in the administrative charge against him. The convicted person is Vazha Utiashvili from Gurjaani, 25-years-old. The Appeal Court discharged him from the accusation on the influence of narcotic substances as it was ruled by the district court on April 30, 2015. 
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