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Returned IDPs Sheltered in Cattle Sheds Need Assistance

Special Reportage

The head of the family of Giguashvilis is standing before their ruined and burnt house in the village of Tkviavi in Gori district. He is looking at the charred walls that remain as a remnant of what was their home.  His wife, daughter-in-law and child are all waiting for us in the cattleshed that was recently cleaned up to set up housekeeping. A homemade electric space heater keeps the former cattle shed warn. It cost but only seven GEL. The homemaker is baking “Mchadi”. A boy of seven is sitting on the sofa-the only furniture that survived from the former home.  “We will freeze out this winter,” said Natia Giguashvili in a whisper. There is a stack of firewood in the yard that was delivered by non-governmental organization; it is only enough for three weeks.

City of Ghosts, Bombing of Gori, and Georgian Villages: Carnage, Death and Destruction
Special Frontline Report

Life can only be experienced from 10:00 AM to 6:00 Pm in the abandoned city of Gori. Russian soldiers are strolling along the streets in Gori in the morning and in the evenings. People, who holed up in the basements of residential flats are jittery and react on the smallest noise, even a mouse.  During the day you can see an elderly woman or man hurriedly going home.  Regardless that the Russian occupants have not do anything harmful to innocent civilians during recent few days, people are still not content see Russian soldiers in Gori.

War Always Stays in Mind of Georgians
You will not notice anything strange at the entrance of the Tbilisi Central Hospital. It is doubtiful that you would even be able to guess that Georgia is on war footing. You should taken another entrance; on the other side where the tablet on the door states “Receptionist” - there you will see things in another light. People are standing in groups and they are not looking at each other. They are just standing in utter msilence. Some of they are looking up familiar names on the lists on the wall…everybody’s face reflects the horrors of war. You can hear somebody crying as we also heard…. A young boy was sitting at a street guard post was also crying loudly behind the post…it is hard to enter there. Naturally we are afraid… we did not say anything to each other. All what happened was not necessary; everything is clear. Finally we looked at each other and entered.…
City of Tents and Yet More Georgian IDPs
A huge tent was set up on the field but after several hours it fell down and people sheltering under it was stuck in the tangle of the mess. An eleven-year-old boy from Tskhinvali region became scared and thought that the Russians had now started bombing Tbilisi.
Georgian Patriotic War - Reportage from Gori
August 7 - ...2008.
Georgian society felt increased tension in the country for a long time. Everybody expected that one day or night the situation would get uncontrolled and hostilities would start.

During recent months, almost every day the Human Rights Center sent appeals to international and local society to prevent the escalation of the situation. But we could not stop the routine...
We Don’t Have Identity, We Are Internally Displaced People
A woman is stilling in the entrance of the school; she is writing a list. Similar lists are being drawn up at the entrances of almost every public and nursery schools in Tbilisi. Most part of IDPs has fled from Tskhinvali region and has sheltered there temporarily. They are registering each other and looking for the missing people; then they make groups of some IDPs. Schooling term has not started yet but schools and nursery schools are crowded; the word used sixteen years ago is again written on the blackboards in the classrooms: Reserved.
Ordeal of a Delayed Train Ride: Gori to Tbilisi
Special Report

You might remember the now famous words of President Mikheil Saakashvili: “Who does not want to travel by our train, let them get off”… this was the message of the president to opposition parties. The train of the National Movement has been running for four years already but Gori district population cannot take train to Tbilisi yet…

One Week Turnaround for Replies
“I appealed to the City Hall regarding the registration of land on January 18 2008. I provided all documents that they requested and told me to come back within a month. I visited the City Hall on February 18 and I was told to come again in a month. On March 18 they told me this time to come back in two weeks. Next time the term was one month and half. Since that time I visit them every second day. I complained with one of the employees of the City Hall about the situation and who replied that I had to wait for yet another three months.”

What Is the Connection between Tents Set Up in Zugdidi, Hunger-strikers and “Misha Is Great” (the song)”?!
Oppositionists in Zugdidi are on hunger-strike with the accompaniment of the song “Misha (the name of Georgian President) Is Great!” three tents are set up in the main avenue near the statue to Zviad Gamsakhurdia. Hunger-strikers who have been on protest for eight days already listen to the song “Misha is Great”’ during ten hours a day. The remote control for the fountain and the song is in the building of the District Municipality Board leaders of the opposition parties claim the local government breaches the rights of hunger-strikers.

Life in Boarding School-Chechen Refugees from Pankisi Valley Will Not Be Aided in 2-3 Years(Part II)
Special Reportage
One of the rooms of the Duisi Dormitory in the village of Duisi is crowded. A family of Chechen refugees live in this room. They were luckier than others and have lived in the boarding school since the settlement. In 1999 all refugees lived in the same situation however, soon Kists offered their houses to them and others sheltered hospitals or other buildings.
Nine Years as “Hostages” in Georgia’s Pankisi Valley (Part I)
Special Report
Chechen refugees are offered to integrate in Georgia; however the refugees cannot see a future in Georgia ….
By August of 2007 1,097 Chechen refugees were officially registered in Georgia. They were settled in communal housing conditions dorm like facilities in the villages of Pankisi Valle, especially after the Second Chechen War in 1999. Some of the families were taken in and sheltered by Kist locals (Chechens who have lived on Georgian territory for the last 200 years, but others, less fortunate families have lived and continue to live all crowded in one room accommodations in various buildings.  Conditions they fact are often very difficult: social economic and political.
Guests of Free Canteen
Increased pension can not ease the life of socially excluded people. Most of them are still having their meal in free canteens. But because of small budget places are limited in them too.
It Is Kosovo… War Can Be Unleashed Here At Any Minute
Special Reportage

Kosovo is a region on the Balkan Peninsula discussed by people, involved in politics or not, the world over. Georgians are an exception to this rule, however, often speaking of the supposed independence of the region.

Government Intended to Throw Ballot Papers in the Garbage
NGOs caught Central Election Commission on the crime.

On January 10 at 1:00 PM the NGO Coalition for Democracy held demonstration in front of the CEC. The NGOs demanded to launch criminal prosecution against Levan Tarkhnishvili, the chairperson of the CEC.

Population of Samegrelo Region “Rocked the Cradle” for Mikheil Saakashvili Again
Mikheil Saakashvili’s famous phrase is “The cradle of Rose Revolution was rocked in Samgrelo.” Now the phrase attained new meaning. Local people has rocked the cradle for him once more and as oppositionists claim, Gorozias, Kobalias, Akhalias, Koduas and Gunavas demonstrated their power to Saakashvili again.
January 5 Presidential Elections from One Polling Station in Tbilisi
On January 5 and afterwards, the fair presidential elections are widely discussed in Georgia. There were over 3 000 polling stations in the country. A day at one of the polling stations:

Flawed Presidential Election in the Samtskhe-Javakheti Region
What was going on in Adigeni and Akhaltsikhe polling stations from 7:00 AM on January 5? How was the process going? Observers did not realize their role and violations went undetected. The final conclusion: “Wow! The election has succeeded!”

Have you ever been victim of domestic violence and have you applied to law enforcement bodies for help?
Yes, I have been victim of domestic violence and have applied to LEB for help Yes, I have been victim of domestic violence but have not applied to LEB for help I have not bee victim of domestic violence


City full of death
Put on your best cloths. Look at your kids carefully and embrace them. Call your mom. Call your friends. Look through your house
Vanished people – “Never forget me”
Disbelief based on partiality Reality is different


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?


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