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Press-Conference of Human Rights Center on the Problems of Political Prisoners Arrested in Kintsvisi on May 26, 2011
On December 19, at 11:30 am Human Rights Center is holding press-conference on the problems of the former political prisoners, convicted for the so-called Kintsvisi Case, in the Prime Time Press Club.
Recommendations of Human Rights Center on Early Release of Prisoners or Facilitation of Punishments
Human Rights Center welcomes amendments introduced to the Decree # 151 of the Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance issued of October 28, 2010 on “Approval Typical Provision for the Number of Local Councils, Territorial Discussion and Local Councils of the Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance”, which aimed to promote re-socialization of convicted people and protection of public security.
Meeting between the Representatives of Human Rights Center and Medical Unit of the Penitentiary Establishment
On December 4, representatives of the Human Rights Center met senior officials of the Medical Unit at the Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance. During the meeting, lawyers of the Human Rights Center updated the ministry’s representatives with the detailed information about the problems of their clients. 
On December 10 Human Rights House Tbilisi Will Visit Homeless Citizens
On December 10, on the International Human Rights Day, representatives of the Human Rights House Tbilisi will visit families sheltering the former building of Railway Hospital. Lawyers of the HRHT Member Organization Article 42 of the Constitution will issue legal consultation on the homeless people on the ground.
Press-Conference on the Problems of Homeless Citizens
On November 26, at 12:00 pm a press-conference on the problems of homeless citizens will be organized in the conference hall of the Human Rights House Tbilisi. 
Gamsakhurdiya vs Russia!
On November 8, at 14:00 pm, Human Rights Center will hold press-conference about the case pending before the European Court of Human Rights Gamsakhurdiya vs Russia in the press-conference hall of the Human Rights House Tbilisi.
Proposal to the Secretary of High Council of Justice
In accordance with article 21 (d) of the Organic Law of Georgia on the Public Defender of Georgia, Public Defender has addressed the Secretary of High Council of Justice with a proposal to initiate administrative measures against the Judge of Sighnaghi Regional Court, Shorena Kavlashvili and to take appropriate legal measures. 
Public Defender Regards Limiting the Right to Leave Country for Georgian Citizens Unjustifiable
On September 19, 2013, members of the Parliament have initiated draft amendments to the Law on Leaving and Entering Georgia by the Citizens of Georgia. 
“Every Day Spent in Prison by the Victims of Torture and Arbitrary Judgments Is Equal to Torture”
On July 16, Human Rights Center presented information about the convicted Tamaz Rasoyan, torture victim, to the representatives of media; the presentation was held in the conference hall of the Human Rights House Tbilisi.
Human Rights Center Requests Release of Victim of Torture
Human Rights Center has addressed Joint Permanent Commission of Ministry of Health and Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance for early release of Tamaz Rasoiani.
Victim of Torture Meets Requirement for Early Release
On June 25th at 12:00 pm, press-conference will be held in Human Rights House Tbilisi regarding case of Zaza Azariashvili. Lawyer of Human Rights Center Nestan Londaridze defends interests of Zaza Azariashvili within the frame of Project Free Legal Assistance for Socially Vulnerable Citizens of Human Rights House Tbilisi.
Human Rights Center expresses wish to work in Constitutional Commission
According to the statement of Chairman of Parliament of Georgia David Usupashvili, by May 2013, a constitutional commission is to  be established which will be composed of political party representatives, experts and NGOs.

Press-Conference at Human Rights Center – Decision of the Constitutional Court Will Impact the Interim Elections
Tomorrow on April 18, at 2:30 pm Human Rights Center will hold press-conference about the decision of the Constitutional Court of Georgia which annulled the discriminative provision in the Article 116 Part VII of the Election Code of Georgia which set restrictions for the majoritarian candidate nominated by the initiative group.

Public Defender Calls on MPs to Probe into Lopota Armed Clash
Public Defender, Ucha Nanuashvili, has called on the Parliament to set up an ad hoc investigative commission to look into armed clash in Lopota gorge in late August, 2012 and events leading up to that incident in which eleven militants and three Georgian troops were killed.

Press-Conference at Human Rights Center – Convicted Person Blames Roland and Bacho Akhalaias
Human Rights Center requests the Chief Prosecutor’s Office to study appeal statements of the convicted Mamuka Zarkua and victim Madona Kacharava and start investigation to estimate truth in criminal case.

Statement of Human Rights Center about Vahagan Chakhalyan’s Breached Rights
Human Rights Center is concerned with political speculations against Vahagan Chakhalyan, who was released from prison under amnesty law several days ago and calls upon the President of Georgia and parliamentary minority to stop dissemination of purposeful disinformation about him.

Protests Surround Discussion of the Constitutional Amendments
On January 16th NGO Transparency International (TI) Georgia released statement regarding incident while holding hearings on constitutional amendments in Zugdidi. See the full statement:

Statement of Public Defender
According to the information disseminated by the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia on January 14th, 2013, Tbilisi Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the facts of an abuse of power by ex seniors of the Department of Military Police under the Ministry of Defense of Georgia, involving acts of violence and abuse of dignity of individuals.

Have you ever been victim of domestic violence and have you applied to law enforcement bodies for help?
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