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Import of Georgian Text-Books to Azerbaijan Is Banned
In the morning of September 26, an incident occurred on Georgian-Azerbaijan border. Azerbaijan border officers seized Georgian text-books from Elinata Saparova, teacher of the Georgian sector of Aliabadi village public school in Zakatala district.

School in a Hut
Schools without First-Graders
In the villages of Shatili, Gurdukhi, Kvavili and Akhaltsikhe of Kazbegi region there will be no more first grades this year. According to the head of Dusheti educational resource-center Tina Bantsuri, no children are of school age in these villages.

School – Prison
The video portal of Human Rights Center hridc.tv decided to get acquainted with the general situation in the school. We wanted to find out what kind of sanitary situation there is, what are the conditions like and in general is there the structure that ensures the normal educational processes.

Certification – Increasing the Education Level or Delicate Form of Staff Reduction
The process of teacher certification started in 2010 by the Education Ministry of Georgia. The participation is voluntary. However, it will become obligatory starting from the year of 2014. The certification exams will take place in two directions in the form of the subject and pedagogical testing.

Selective Justice – Governor’s Cousin Untouched
Telavi Court passed guilty verdict against Maia Batselashvili, a music teacher of the Village Jimiti Public School. The teacher charged with the beating of a student was imposed with three thousand GEL fine as a sentence. Nunu Iremashvili, a teacher in Vazisubani Public School is also accused of beating her student, however she still works in the school and has not even received a warning.

School in Cattle-Shed
Public school with 900 pupils in Lambalo village in Sagarejo district has been functioning in the sheds hired from a local inhabitant. The lessons are held in the rooms which were used as cattle-shed in the past.

Teacher VS Mandatur and School Director
Non-governmental organization Article 42 of the Constitution sued the administration of the Tbilisi Public School # 8 at the Tbilisi City Court. The organization appealed against firing a teacher from school based on the mandatur’s complaint.

Universities Were Unified, Students’ Fate Is Vague
With the initiative of the Ministry of Education Tbilisi University of Economic Relations and Georgian Economy and Law University joined the Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University. The representatives of the abolished universalities said the purpose of the unification was better mobilization of the state funds and increase of the education level.
Dismissed Teacher’s Story
People do not talk much about the problems in the Georgian school regions or the  shortcomings of the projects of the Georgian Ministry of Education. These issues are relevant only after the concrete cases reach the court.
Private Schools Do Not Need Bailiffs
This year the bailiff program is planned to be implemented in private and vocational schools after it was implemented in public schools. The parliament is going to discuss the initiative of the government together with the amendments to the Law on General Education.

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